What to pack for scrambling

Equipment choices for scrambling adventures

What’s in the Pack? Course participants are always keen to know what to take for their adventures. So, in the first of a very occasional series, here’s what Paul carries on a typical scrambling day (for higher grade scrambles where the use of a rope is anticipated). Please note that the amount of clothing taken varies according to conditions and time of year…..

Here’s the list in roughly clockwise direction….. 

1. Helmet
2. Food & drink
3. Map & guidebook (he often takes the guidebook info on his phone)
4. Spare clothes (waterproofs, spare warm layer, hat and gloves as a minimum)
5. Rope (usually 35 metres of single rated rope)
6. Harness
7. Protection hardware
8. Bothy shelter
9. First aid kit
10. Abseil tat
11. Compass
12. Suncream (depending on weather)
13. Headtorch & spare batteries 
14. Sunglasses (depending on weather)  
15. Personal Locator Beacon
16. Mobile Phone (not in photo)

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