Waterproof Map Paper

Waterproof Map Paper

Ordnance Survey full size maps are brilliant, but sometimes producing your own using waterproof map paper is a superb alternative. Our waterproof map paper top tip explains all.

Full sized paper maps are a fantastic tool for mountain navigation. They are also great for poring over on a winter evening while planning new adventures.  The only problem with them are that they are expensive (although good value in relation to the work involved in producing one).  They are also bulky. One alternative is to use electronic mapping systems. They are certainly useful but there are still plenty of reasons why having a paper map is essential in the mountains.

Our favourite alternative to carrying the bulk of a full sized map is the reason for this Top Tip.  You can produce your own.  You just need a subscription to the Ordnance Survey OSMaps service, an inkjet printer and some waterproof paper.  

OSMaps subscribers can print maps at various scales for any part of the UK.   It is simple to use and costs as little as £23.99 a year.  Subscribers can also access the excellent OS App.  It is a great service and there are loads of additional features such as being able to create routes.  

Combine this with some waterproof paper and you have endless possibilities.  If you shop around enough a pack of this paper can cost as low as £15.00 for 25 sheets and printing from an Inkjet printer will create durable and waterproof sheets.  We use these nearly all the time.  We normally use Toughprint paper and it works a treat.  You’ll have maps you can easily keep in your pocket, that last well and that cost far less than a full size version.  Pair this with a downloaded version onto your phone and OS Locate and you have the perfect package. 

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