Voited Soul Slipper Mini Review


Our Voited Soul Slippers Mini Review shares our findings on an eco conscious lightweight and packable slipper suited to a range of uses.  We hope you find it useful.

There are slippers and there are slippers. Some are suited to indoor use only.  Others will suit you for hut trips where you need an ultralight option.  Some will happily cope with outdoor use as well as indoor. Some tread the line between different camps.

The Voited Soul Slippers are described as being ‘built to provide comfort for your feet during your camping expedition, hike in the mountains, in your camper van or simply to give your feet a warm, comfy feeling at home.’  Clearly, it seems, a slipper designed for many uses.  We gave some a test run and here are our findings.

The Voited Brand

Voited was founded by Frank Voit.  Frank is an outdoor enthusiast, but also an environmentalist.  His aim was to create sustainable products that perform well and yet encourage adventure.  As we will detail, the Soul Slipper feature as many recycled fabrics as possible and come from a responsibly run factory.  The Voited range features a number of other products including various insulated camp blanket and changing robes.  We recently reviewed their Outdoor Change Robe & Drycoat here.


The soul slipper uppers are manufactured from 50 denier recycled Repreve Ripstop Polyester with a eco based DWR (durable water repellent).  

They are lined with brushed fleece and feature a memory foam inner sole.  The outsole is a solid one piece unit that is attached to the upper with hand stitching and a water based glue. It features a chunky gripped soul as shown in the photo below.  They come in a variety of colours and sizes and retail for £50.


In Use

What do you want in a slipper?  They should look good, slip on and off easily (but not too easily).  They should feel cosy and luxurious when you slide your tired feet into them.  Finally, they should be durable enough for the rough and tumble of everyday life.  Oh, it also helps if they are not too expensive and are ethnically manufactured.  How do the Voited Soul Slippers stack up against these criteria?

Slippers For Different Uses

Of course,  we should also say that the term ‘slipper’ could relate to a range of types depending on use.  We recently reviewed some super light Rab Down Hut Slippers here.  This is a slipper well suited to carrying on ski tours or Alpine adventures so you have something cosy to pull on in the refuge at the end of a mountain day.  They are extremely packable and lightweight. At the other end of the spectrum you might wear some more heavy duty slippers at home.  These will last a long time but you will probably just use them indoors. 

The Voited Soul Slippers sits in between a hut slipper and general purpose indoor/outdoor option.  They have all the features to make a great indoor slipper but, due to their durable materials and substantial sole unit,  they can happily be used outside too.

Similarly, you could pack them in a rucksack for mountain use, but for this use they would be quite heavy to carry.  They would serve you well once you were at the hut or campsite, but personally speaking they wouldn’t find a place in our stripped down mountain kit. 

Where they really excel is all the in-between.  They certainly suit car camping or taking along for stays in holiday accommodation.  They will suit after swim toe warm-ups and padding around in the garden. The slippers would be great to keep in your camper van. We also think they could be a good option to carry to crags or climbing walls for in between climb comfort.


Other Features

Soul Slippers are available in a variety of colours and we were sent their sun yellow colour.  As the name suggests, these really are a ray of sunshine.  It might not be a colour that suits everyone, but we really like them.  Whatever colour you choose, the styling is really nice.  They have contrasting double stitching lines across the top and subtle Voited branding on the side.  

So far we have used them around the house and garden and on a ski trip in the Alps.  We deliberately gave them a spell in the snow during this trip.  They had no problem because of the substantial soles and chunky tread pattern.  Similarly, the insulation coped well with the below zero temps.

Sizing seems true to size if you follow the Voited guide.  It is worth mentioning that each size covers a few shoe sizes.  For example, the size sent to us was a large which actually covers UK 7-8.5. 


Our Voited Soul Slippers Mini Review reveals a top quality and highly functional slipper that will suit a broad range of users.  They are stylish, solidly built, ethically constructed and good value.  It is another winning product from Voited and we heartily recommend them. Full details on the Voited range can be found on their website here. Please also have watch of the video below to find out more.