Voited Outdoor Change Robe & Drycoat Review


Our Voited Outdoor Change Robe & Drycoat Review details a weather resistant and insulated garment made from recycled materials.  Please do read on to find out more and we hope you find this review useful.

A Growing Trend

Over recent years there has been an explosion of interest in outdoor and wild swimming.  With it’s many health benefits and the amazing feeling of connection to the natural world, it makes sense that so many people have found this amazing activity.  Another benefit is its proven social benefits and its simplicity.  As long as you are allowed to and its safe, it’s so easy to take a dip.  

There is also in that all you really need is a swimming costume and towel.  But, there are a few other items wild swimmers have been finding useful.  We meet many of our climbing groups near the famous Hathersage Outdoor Swimming Pool and, at 9am, there’s a steady stream of people coming and going for swimming sessions.  Amongst these may swimmers,  one garment is almost universally popular. The now ubiquitous changing or dry robe.  

Apres Swim

It is very easy to see why.  There is nothing better when you climb out of the swimming spot than to be able to wrap yourself into a protective and insulating layer.  This is applicable if you are in the centre of Hathersage, but that protection and warmth might be even more essential on a windswept beach or river bank.  

Of course, these garments also have another essential feature.  They are designed to fit like a large cape.  This allows your arms to be drawn inside and allows for easy and discrete clothes changing.  They are a game changer and it is little wonder they are so popular.  

Cosy Neck Closure

Apres Sport

The other consideration, though, is that changing robes aren’t just for use by swimmers.  Any outdoor or sportsperson might benefit from a large protective post activity shelter.  Runners, cyclists or any type of watersports enthusiasts.  Similarly, if you are just lazing around at your campsite in the chill of the evening they would also make a great pull on.

We’ve got heavily into wild swimming too.  It has been such a joy to explore new swimming spots and, in the warmer months,  makes such a nice post climb cool down option.  We’ve muddled through with light weight towelling robes for the last couple of years, but have enviously eyed up the plush garments we see around.  So, when British brand Voted asked if they could send a robe for review,  we didn’t delay in accepting their offer.  So, here is our Voited Outdoor Change Robe & Drycoat Review.  

Who Are Voited?

Voited was founded by Frank Voit.  Frank is an outdoor enthusiast, but also an environmentalist.  His aim was to create sustainable products that perform well and yet encourage adventure.  As we will detail, every feature of the tested robe features recycled fabrics and comes from a responsibly run factory.  The Voited range features a number of other products including various insulated camp blankets.

Subtle Branding On Left Sleeve



The Voited Change Robe & Drycoat is really well specced.  The outer is made from 100% recycled Repreve 50 denier ripstop fabric coated with a Teflon EcoElite DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish.  This combo offers a Hydrostatic Head of 2500mm.  For any fabric to be considered fully waterproof it must be able to withstand the pressure of a column of water 1000mm high without leaking. This gives a HH rating of 1000.  So, the robe easily exceeds this level.

Voited say the Repreve fabric of every DryCoat consists of 94 recycled plastic bottles.  Also, the EcoElite DWR coating is a plant-based and non-fluorinated fabric treatment manufactured with 60 percent renewably sourced raw materials.

Upper Handwarmer Pockets


Inside the robe Voited have used 3 types of insulation. The micro fleece main body pulls water away from the skin.  This helps you to dry quickly and for the fleece to move moisture outwards to also help the robe dry.  Inside the sleeves and hood there is polar fleece to give extra cosiness.  Finally, in the lower back there is a CloudTouch insulation panel for extra warmth.  All these insulation fabrics are fully recycled.

Other Features

The one has a chunky full length 2 way front zipper.  This zips up high on the hood but stops short of the bottom hem to leave a slit.  There is a similar slit on the back too.  This is designed, I suspect, to allow ease of movement when walking or bending in the robe.  

There are five pockets.  An internal zippered lined chest pocket which has a headphone port and so is ideal for phone storage.  There are also 2 other large external pockets that fasten with velcro.  Lastly,  there are 2 external hand warmer pockets that are lined and zippered.  The robe has subtle Voited logos on the front and sleeve and it is supplied with a drawcord closure stuff sack.  The robes are available in a variety of colours and sizes and cost £129.   

Plenty Of Room For Changing

In Use

Pack Size

A robe of this type is never going to be very compact and so, when you first see it in it’s stuff sack, you might be surprised.  It packs about the size of a warm sleeping bag.  But.  that’s also the point really.  This isn’t designed for super light adventures.  When you pull this type of robe on you want it to be substantial and well insulated.  Having said that,  it isn’t too bulky to pack in your bag for a trip to the river or beach.  

Once you do pull it out of the stuff sack you will be impressed.  There are 5 colours available and we tested the Ocean Navy option.  The styling is subtle.  There is a Voited logo badge on the arm and a small logo on the front.  It is subtly cool.  The front hand warmer pockets are big and cosy.  The chunky YKK zips looks destined for a long life and the overall build of the robe looks really good quality.

Interior Pocket & Insulation Layers


When you open it up you’ll see the various zoned layers of fleece and quilted insulation.  Then,  it is time to try it on.  Voited offer their robes in various sizes and there is a size guide on the website.  I actually checked with them before they sent one and, after explaining I was 5’8” and with a 40” chest,  they suggested medium.  This worked out well.  The robe is really large, but that leaves plenty of room to change inside.  I am happy with the side choice, but do consider that in your purchasing. 

The sleeves are also long, but I love that too.  You can pull them over your hands but, when you need them out of the way, there are velcro tabs to close them.  These tabs are chunky and will work with gloved hands too.


Changing inside the robe is easy.  You can pull your hands into the sleeves with no problem and then there js plenty of space for stripping off and clothing up.  It is simple.  You can also, of course,  keep your arms in the main body of the robe if you want to shelter from the weather more.  

This changing feature does call up one design feature we’ve not been so impressed with though.  As previously mentioned, there is a slit in the back of the robe.  This is added to  aid movement, but it does tend to open up when you bend forward.  This means you have to careful you are staying adequately covered up!  You get used to it,  but it is something worth a mention.  Infact,  I have tried safety pinning this closed and don’t think I will have any probably with movement.  I think longer term I will add some poppers to allow it to open or closed – or maybe just stitch it up completely.

Large Storage Pockets

Other Features     

The hood is really big and can be pulled snug around the face with a drawcord closure.  The fleece lining of the hood is plush.  You feel ensconced in toasty warmness.  Having the hood larger also means it can be pulled over a helmet or bobble hat.  It’s a great design.  One other addition I might make in the longer term is to add a volume adjuster to the back of this for times I want it worn further back.  But, this would just be a simple improvement and isn’t noted as a design flaw.    

The pockets are well thought out and work perfectly.  The hand warmer pockets are well placed and, of course, keep your hands warm.  They are ideal for standing on the shoreline checking out your entry point.  Alternatively, you’ll love them while sitting watching the sun setting.

The other bellowed external pockets are cavernous.  You can keep a towel, goggles, swimming costume or any other essentials in here.  This is great because you will often be able to fit everything you need in here and avoid taking an extra bag.  The internal pocket will easily fit your smart phone or/and wallet.

Plenty Of Protection


What’s not to love?  Our Voited Outdoor Change Robe & Drycoat Review reveals a superb product with exceptional sustainability credentials.  The styling is subtle, the features well thought out and the price stacks up really well against other products on the market.

But, the other thing is to consider how this robe will change your activities.  Whether you are wanting something to pull on after a cold water dip or something to change in after a race.  Whether you need a cosy layer to pull on at your chilly campsite or want to change at home and head across to Hathersage Swimming Pool.  Whatever, your passion, the Voited robe has you covered…..literally!  

Full details of all Voited products are available on their website here.  Please also check out their story and all the other positive reviews of this great product.  We are certainly converts to the Voited family.

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