Voited CloudTouch Blanket Review


Our Voited CloudTouch Blanket review explores an extremely warm and sustainably produced blanket suited to many situations and users.  Please read on to find out more.

We’ve now tested a few Voited products.  Our Voited Outdoor Change Robe & Drycoat review is here and our Soul Slipper review is here. Voited  produce a selection of products designed for active users and the common theme of sustainability runs through them all.

Their CloudTouch Blanket follows that theme.  This 4 in 1 insulated & water-resistant indoor/outdoor blanket is designed, as Voited say, for van life, camping, travel & home.  We were happy to test one and here is our review.


Prints & Colours

The CloudTouch comes in a selection of prints and colours.  Some are bright and others subtle while some have bold patterns and others are plain single colours.  There will be a CloudTouch style for every user  The one sent to us features Voited’s Camp Vibes 2 theme.  It’s a cheerful and colourful design that will bring a smile to any campsite.


The blanket is constructed from a three layer sandwich.  The outer is made from 50 denier REPREVE 100% recycled ripstop nylon.  40 denier is a durable fabric suited to the rough and tumble of an active life.  It is also coated with Teflon EcoElite treatment for improved water-resistance. 

Inside there is a thick layer of luxurious 100% polyester CloudTouch fleece.  This is designed to feel like sheep’s wool, but with lighter weight and faster drying qualities.  It is also less bulky, machine washable and stain resistant.

Finally, in between the fleece and ripstop outer is a third layer made from 3D featherlight fibre.  This is a very breathable synthetic insulation designed to improve rebound and loft while also being machine washable.

Size & Weight

The CloudTouch measures 137 x 203 cms (54” x 80”) when open but can also pack into the pocket incorporated between the layers.  When stuffed into the pocket the size is 48 x 48 x 10 cm (19” x 19” x 4”).  The blanket also comes with a drawcord closure stuff sack and the packed size is 36 x 20 x 20 cm (14” x 8” x 8”).

The CloudTouch also has a line of press closures along each edge.  This allows users to turn the blanket into a simple sleeping bag.  The blanket weighs 1630 grams (3.59lbs).  Voited say the CloudTouch will work with a recommended lowest temperature of 8°C although they caveat that be saying ‘temperatures have been tested extensively, however the results remain subjective.’ 

In Use

Voited say the CloudTouch blanket is ‘the most comfortable and luxurious outdoor blanket you will ever find.’  So, for our Voited CloudTouch Blanket Review, we tested it against this claim.

We’ve been using the CloudTouch for a variety of activities so far and reckon far more uses will become apparent as time goes on.  So far it has been used for keeping cosy on evenings around the house.  It has been a travel blanket to keep passengers warm on long car journeys.  It has also accompanied us on an Alpine trip where it was great for star gazing on chilly evenings.  Other ideas we have for the blanket will be camping trips and it will also be great for camper van users.  It has also been used a lot as a pillow, but more about that later.


The simple finding is that, in all our uses so far, the blanket has excelled.  It is, as Voited say, a bundle of cosy warmth.  The CloudTouch fleece layer is extremely soft and comfortable next to the skin.  This alone would add significant insulation.    

But the blanket is more than just the CloudTouch fleece.  The middle layer, although you can’t see it, certainly seems to add to the overall thickness.  Voited also say this layer allows the blanket to bulk well.  We agree as it certainly springs to full thickness when pulled from its stuff sack.

The REPREVE nylon outer adds a great deal of function to the CloudTouch.  You can use it in more challenging conditions and the layer also protects the insulation layers.  It is another feature that sets the blanket apart from a standard model.

CloudTouch Fleece Lining

Additional Features

The addition of a pillow pocket is great.  On a recent journey to the Alps we folded the blanket into this to make a very cosy pillow.  Most typically, though, we have added a smaller camp pillow into this pocket so you can use the blanket and pillow together.  This is typically an inflatable camp pillow and the pocket keeps it in place to avoid losing it.  The pocket can also be used for the storage of smaller items you don’t want to lose.  It also makes a great place to store the stuff sack.

The snap poppers along the sides allow the CloudTouch to be turned into a simple sleeping bag.  It does make a fairly narrow bag and so probably wouldn’t suit very large users or those wanting a more roomy bag, but it does work well.  Of course, there are gaps between the poppers and no type of baffle.  So, this couldn’t be considered a fully featured sleeping bag, but would suit a variety of situations.  This would be great for children too.

However, the other main use for these poppers is to tailor the CloudTouch to individual uses.  It can be used to make everything from making a cape for sitting around a campfire or stargazing.  It also also be used to form a foot pocket while leaving the rest of the CloudTouch as a blanket.  We have found this really useful on car journeys where you want to keep your feet cosy in the footwell.

CloudTouch Fleece Lined Pillow Pocket


The styling of the blanket is great.  We really like the Camp Vibes 2 design, but there are plenty of others available too.  These blankets look as good as they perform.  The build quality is also superb.  From the stitching to the materials, the CloudTouch is a brilliant product.  This is reflected in the relatively high price tag of £128, but for that amount you are getting a blanket that will serve you well for many years of comfortable adventure.

Finally, a big shout out to Voited for their strong environmental ethos.  Since the brands inception by Frank Voit, the focus has been on sustainable practices value.  Voited emphasise the use of recycled fabrics and environment friendly DWR coatings.  They also ensure their production factories meet stringent worker safety and support guidelines.


Our Voited CloudTouch Blanket Review highlights a perfect choice for lots of users in lots of situations.  It is a beautifully crafted and cosy bundle of comfort with strong sustainability credentials.  It’s a great product that will give great service for many years.  It is another winner from Voited and we certainly reckon this will become a trusted adventure companion.  Full details on the CloudTouch blanket are available on the Voited website here.  Please also have a look at the video below to find out more about this great product.