Top Tips – Making a Knee Map Table

Top Tips - Making a Knee Map Table

Sometimes, when the weather is gnarly, it can be hard to keep control of your map when making important calculations or working out a compass bearing – maybe it is because the wind is whipping it from your grasp or your compass is sliding around while you try to spin the bezel with your gloved hands on your wet map. It is easy to make a mistake at the critical point where you want to avoid a mistake at all costs.  If you’ve had that problem, here’s Peak Mountaineering’s #39 Top Tip to save the day. Simply kneel down on one knee while keeping your other knee raised to make a useful map table. Now, you can rest your map on a solid base which makes it simple to control your compass or make that vital distance measurement.  Even better, if it is blowing a gale, turn your back to the wind and so you will make a sheltered table to work on. It’s a simple and effective tried and tested way to ensure you stay on the right track.  Posted by Paul