Toothpaste Tablets

Top Tips - Toothpaste Tablets

We stumbled across toothpaste tablets by chance. We are very glad we did. They are ideal for so many situations. We hope you find this top gear choice useful.

Heading off on an overnight adventure and trying to keep your pack weight as low as possible? Of course you are. Well, here’s a simple but effective Peak Mountaineering top gear choice to keep your gnashers clean and shining.

We’ve tried various lightweight toothpaste options over the years. Tiny tubes can work well, but the tubes can rip and there is the weight of the tube to consider. We reckon we now have a better option to share.  Toothpaste tablets become our latest top gear choice.

The tablets are extremely simple to use. Just pop one in your mouth, chew it up to create a creamy froth, brush as normal and spit.  It couldn’t be easier.  You can simply pack a couple of tablets for each day you are out, combine it with a small toothbrush and you are good to go.

The tablets will need to be kept dry of course, but that’s it. There is no chance of having toothpaste leaking inside your pack and they are extremely light. Also, there’s no packaging to dispose of and they are very cost effective. There are absolutely no disadvantages really.

Combine the tablets with a small travel size toothbrush and you are ready for action. We also loop some dental floss around the brush for that thorough teeth cleaning regime. The whole package will only weigh a few grams and takes up virtually no pack space.

We’ve been using toothpaste tablets from Lush for our recent adventures, but there are various makes and flavours available online.  Give them a try for your next camping trip. We wish you a gleaming adventure smile.

Of course, if you want a perfect excuse to take your toothpaste tablets somewhere adventurous please consider our Morocco adventure. 20 tablets should be plenty for this one!