Tilley T1 Wool Bucket Hat Review

Tilley T1 Wool Bucket Hat Review

Stu’s Tilley T1 Wool Bucket Hat Review features the brands new take on their iconic T1 hat. As a T1 owner of 18 years he was just the person to complete a comprehensive review of this new version. We hope you find it useful.

Tilley declare their mission to be to create ‘authentic products with enduring purpose for life out of doors’. They have had their iconic T1 in the range for decades. The T1 Wool Bucket Hat is a new addition designed for colder and more wintry conditions. It adds increased cold weather performance and features some very clever fabric technology.

Fabric technology

The hat is made from Swiss made Schoeller technical wool. Schoeller is both bluesign and G.O.T.S. certificated. Bluesign means all stages of the manufacturing process meet stringent environmental standards. The Global Organic Textiles Standard also takes into account standards of production and employee care.

The wool is bonded to a c-change membrane. This makes it heat reactive to regulate temperature. As temperature increases, the membrane expands to let heat and moisture escape. As it cools, the membrane contracts and closes to keep warmth in. This membrane was inspired by the action of pine cones which open or close in response to humidity level changes.

The result is a breathable, water and snow-repellant hat. An additional Hydrofil sweat band sits where the hat contacts your skin. This wicks away moisture to ensure a comfortable fit in all conditions. If your travels take you to sunnier climates the Tilley T1 Wool hat is certified UPF 50+.


Tilley hats are renowned for their quality, unusual features and attention to detail. My Tilley T1 Wool Bucket Hat review shows this one to be no exception. My original T1 hat states it is “handcrafted with Canadian persnicketiness” and Tilley hats are still hand made in Canada. Tilley say each hat passes though 23 pairs of hands in a 41 step process from raw components to finished product.

The characteristic ventilation holes around the crown are ringed with British brass eyelets. They really do work together with the fabric to keep your head comfortable. Many years ago Tilley hat used to come with a set of tags giving information and short stories about the adventures of Tilley hat owners worldwide. They can still be downloaded from the Tilley website. The story of the Tilley hat eaten by an elephant is definitely worth reading.

The floating flying hat

A feature of the original T1 that has been kept in the T1 Wool is that it floats. The lining of the crown contains a foam insert to ensure that if you do lose your hat overboard you’ll be able to scoop it back out. The hat also contains a hidden security pocket between the lining and the foam insert. It is big enough to contain credit-cards or emergency cash.

The flying characteristics of the Tilley T1 Wool Bucket Hat are also of note. I once flicked a fly away from my face and knocked my T1 hat off and over the edge of a cliff. Instead of falling to the bottom my hat flew frisbee style and curved back to the base of the crag where I was able to retrieve it.

A hat for all occasions

The hat is suitable for many different environments. Whether you are walking the dog or exploring wilder places you’ll stay warm and comfortable in classic style. The wool fabric also means the hat won’t look out of place in a more formal setting. The medium width brim can be tipped up or lowered to provide more protection from sun or rain.


The Tilley T1 Wool Bucket Hat doesn’t have the wind cords some Tilley’s have for holding your hat on in the wind. It is therefore important the hat should be a snug enough fit to prevent it blowing off. Tilley say that the size of the brim and the shape of the Tilley T1 Wool make it difficult for the wind to snatch it off your head and I can attest that it stays put even in strong wind. The Tilley website gives a very comprehensive guide to correctly finding the perfect size. The hat is available in a full range of sizes.


The Tilley T1 Wool hat retails for £85. This may seems like a lot of money for a hat, but really this is a long term investment. Tilley stand behind the quality and durability of their hats with a lifetime guarantee. This covers normal wear and tear, workmanship issues or faulty materials.

My original T1 hat has survived 18 years of adventures and shows no signs of wear or damage apart from some fading. For me it has been an invaluable purchase and I fully expect this one will last just as long. It has been a pleasure to complete this Tilley T1 Wool Bucket Hat review and I look forward to many great adventures together.

Full details on the T1 Wool Bucket Hat are available on the Tilley website here.