The Hextender

The Hextender

Welcome to the Hextender. This simple improvised climbing quickdraw is another in our regular series of climbing tips. We hope you find it useful for your vertical adventures.

We’ve all been there.  The end of a long lead and you’ve placed more nuts than you expected.  You now still have a way to go and yet, when you place your next wire and reach down for an extender (quickdraw), you get that sinking feeling as you realise you’ve used up your last one on the last protection piece.

Of course you should have been keeping tabs on how many quickdraws you’d used up but don’t torture yourself. We’ve all been caught out in the heat of the moment!  

Don’t panic. There may be a quick and easy solution.  If you have hexes on your harness they can simply become a hex-tender.  Simply pull the sling away from the end that goes through the hex and you’ll have a loop. You are almost there. Now just clip into tape and you have a quickdraw replacement.

This trick works well with most slung hexes. It is a little trickier to set up with the double sling of the DMM Torque nuts but can be made to work. The Wild Country Rockcentric is the optimum Hextender choice.  

The Hextender works a treat and is certainly better than clipping directly to the carabiner. This risks the stiff wire of the nut pinging it out. Of course you do use up a hex that you might need later on, but at least you have one out of two problems solved! With this option in your toolbox you might just make it to that finishing hold safely.

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