The Big Give Christmas Challenge

The Big Give Christmas Challenge

Tuesday 1st December marks the launch of the Big Give Christmas Challenge. We really hope you’ll support our Peak District National Park Foundation partners in this special fund raising event.  Please read on to find out more.   

UPDATE – WE DID IT!!! Thanks to the generosity of so many the target was smashed within 48 hours and the final total landed at £4872! FAN-TAS-TIC. That is a lot of climate emergency fighting Sphagnum Moss that can be funded. Many many thanks to all who donated. Please check out the full report on the Peak District National Park Foundation website here.

Sphagnum Moss is the unsung hero of the Peak District National Park.  It protects, it stabilises, it nourishes and it helps protect us all from the looming threat of global heating.  It is the saviour of our precious upland moorland blanket bogs.  We wrote in detail about this fascinating plant in our blog post here. Please do have a read.

But, as amazing as it is, this hard working plant needs our help.  It needs to be in the right place to do its special work. Organisations like the Moors For The Future Partnership are working tirelessly to plant it en masse on the higher moorlands.  It is vital work, but it also tough and expensive graft.  A Christmas bonus would definitely help to continue this vital work.

Fortunately, festive help is here in the form of our partners at the Peak District National Park Foundation.  The foundation is taking on The Big Give Christmas Challenge. This means that, for one week only, donations made by the public will be doubled.   This is a great win win deal and we would love it if you can help.  

However big or small your donation, it will have twice the impact thanks to match funding from Summit Resorts and Developments, Feel Good Do Good and The Reed Foundation.    

To be doubled, donations must be given via this link between 12pm on Tuesday 1st December and 12pm on Tuesday 8th December.  You can find out more about the important work of the Peak District National Park Foundation and our partnership with them here. One donation, twice the benefit. Please do also have a watch of the Big Give video below.