Telic Recovery Sandals Review

Telic Recovery Sandals Review

Our 2020 national lockdown coincided with a request to complete a Telic Recovery Sandals review.  As much as we wish above all else that the lockdown never happened, this was at least perfect timing given that during the lockdown period we had lovely weather.  So, after months of rigorous outdoor life, here are our findings.


The Telic brand was formed from a partnership between shoemaker Rocco Azzarito and elite runner and ex Nike employee Terry Stillman.  They were keen to develop a range of footwear focussed on apres-sport recovery.  With this in mind, significant research and development led to the creation of the Telic range.  

Telic sent us two pairs to review.  One was some of their Energy Flip Flops (as shown on the photo above) and the second a pair of their crossover strap style Mallory’s.  Caroline has been trying the Mallory’s and the Energy Flip Flops have become my go to over the late Spring and Summer.  

Both styles are made from Telic’s Novalon material which, as Telic explain, is a ‘unique blend of elasto-polymers.’  Novalon is latex, toxin free and  extremely light.  It is designed to be, as Telic describe, ‘pillow soft and with ‘exceptional cushioning, rebound and elasticity.’

The shaped footbed is designed to offer orthotic grade arch support and Telic footwear also features a custom deep heel cup.  This anatomically correct footbed offers complete underfoot coverage and even weight distribution.   Novalon also reacts to body temperature to conform the sandals exactly to your foot shape and help eliminate pressure points.  Telic says it gives you the feeling you are ‘floating above the ground.’

Telic have also made the footbed contoured to enable air flow underneath the foot.  This is a great way to help keep the feet cool.  The sandals also include what Telic describe as Footstrike technology.  The design of this means that every time you place an energizing propulsion aims to bounce you foot back into the next stride.  

The sandals are designed to have a relaxed fit and that, combined with their pliable construction, makes them suitable for a wide range of foot shapes.  The use of Novalon allows the sandals to be constructed as a single one piece unit and this user friendly material also makes them both extremely low maintenance and simple to clean.  

In Use

On first inspection the Telic’s look simple and yet sophisticated. The one piece design, sculpted lines and imprint detailing cry attention to detail.  After that, the fine finishing makes you realise straight away that this is a quality product.

Then you pick one of the sandals up and are struck by their light weight.  They are extremely light.  This makes them feel exceptionally comfy on the foot and also means they are convenient for carrying in your bag or pack. 

After noticing all that, you will of course put them on.  Well, we both found them fantastic to wear straight out of the box.  The soft Novalon material and well shaped profile make them extremely easy to slip on or off.  They also cup your foot well enough to feel very secure on your feet.  They also strike a perfect balance between firmness and plush comfort.  I’ve no idea how they did it,  but the Novalon material feels great.  

In preparation for this Telic Recovery Sandals Review, we’ve used the sandals extensively over the summer. Infact, although for many years we’ve been Birkenstock fans,  it seems to be the Telic’s we have kept reaching for this year.  They are simple and yet perform superbly at what they are designed to do. 

We’ve also been taking them out for crag based climbing sessions.  They are so light you can throw them in your cragging pack without a thought.  Then, between climbs, they feel so nice to wear instead of an approach shoe.  We haven’t been to the climbing walls much so far this year, but they will work perfectly for that too.  

Of course they will work a treat for everyday use and other activities too.  We have taken them to the beach and used them for paddleboarding.  We’ve also used them more than anything for everyday life.  They are great for everything really.

So far they have held up to wear and tear effortlessly.  There is no sign of wear on either pair and they have been used on some quite rough terrain.  They are also very easy to look after.  Well, so easy infact that there is nothing you need to do to keep them in tip top condition.  If they get dirty it is a simple job to each them off and that’s about all really. 


So its a huge thumbs up from both Caroline and myself. Producing this Telic Recovery Sandals review has been a real pleasure.  We have loved wearing the Telics this summer and can’t recommend them highly enough. 

They are extremely well made, last well and offer superb levels of comfort. They will suit any user but are especially well suited to sports enthusiasts of all types.  Telics are also so easy to take along with you for every adventure.  A great product and, at around £35 per pair, very good value too.  Full details on the Telic range can be found on their website here.

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