Technical Climbing Equipment Repair Kits


Our Technical Climbing Equipment Repair Kits advice article shares some ideas on what might be included for quick fixes to technical equipment on trips and expeditions.  We hope you find it useful.  


We think there are lots of reasons why taking a specific repair kit on any adventure is worth the effort.  Infact, we may better describe it as essential.  It may help you to keep a piece of damaged equipment in service when otherwise your trip could be jeopardised.  This could be, for example, repairing that crucial rucksack crampon strap. Repairing a piece of equipment may also allow you to keep an item performing to top level.  Maybe this is sharpening your ice axe picks before that tough ascent.

Black Diamond Pick & Tools

One Repair Kit? 

With all that in mind, we carry some form of Technical Climbing Equipment Repair Kit on every adventure where ice tools, crampons and other technical equipment is used.  But, the items needed are going to vary considerably depending on the activity and the context.  If you are on a long mountaineering expedition you may need a wider range of items.  If your journey is a quick hit trip or your have limited baggage allowance you may need to hone it down.

With all that in mind, we couldn’t really offer a single recommended repair kit selection.  But, after many years exploring the mountains and with long term stays away from civilisation, we have definitely got some ideas that may be useful to consider.  The selection below is based around our ‘belt and braces’ kit that we take on longer trips or when we have the luxury of operating out of a base.

We also have a separate kit focussed on repairing clothing and equipment (to find that one please follow the link at the bottom of this article).   This article is simply ideas sharing and so you can then pick and choose what might best apply to your needs.

We should also say that it is definitely not exhaustive.  Everyone ends up finding what works for them and that’s the best way to decide your own kit needs.  With all that in mind, please do have a browse and we hope you find our Technical Climbing Equipment Repair Kit advice useful.


This just needs to be something suitable and of the right size.  The photo above shows our kit in an upcycled travel speaker case.  This is padded and so protects the contents and other equipment on flights and when stashed in a duffle bag.  It also has compartments and opens like a clamshell so that everything is easily to hand and stays organised.  These are things to think about, but any suitable container will do.

Leatherman, Knipex, Adjustable Spanner & Multi-Tool


We carry a selection of tools.  Some are the specific tools provided by the manufacturer and some are ones we’ve sourced ourselves.  Besides the product specific ones, we carry a few others.  

The one that probably gets used most is a Leatherman multi-tool.  There are loads of models in Leatherman’s range, but the Juice Pro pictured has served us well for years.  This has scissors, a selection of screwdrivers, knife and solid and dependable pliers.

Alongside that, we also find a multi-tool that has a range of Allen Keys and Torx Wrenches to be really handy.  A small adjustable wrench is useful for stubborn bolts and things like swapping crampon front points.

Lastly, we carry a pair of small Knipex Cobra XS Pliers.  If you unfamiliar with this brand these they are worth looking into.  They are water pump pilers but their versatility means they do lots of other jobs too.  Details on these and all the Knipex range can be found on their website here.

Stihl Metal File

Metal File

A metal file is another essential tool for maintaining crampon points and ice axe picks. We don’t sharpen ice screw threads in the field unless forced too, but a file can do things like remove an ice screw burr. We have found that it isn’t size that is so important here, it’s quality.  This Stihl Chainsaw file is very well made and really packs a punch for its size and weight. We would use a beefier one at home, but this is portable enough to always have along with you.

Loctite Threadlocker

Loctite Threadlocker

You may need to unfasten that crampon or pick bolt to fix or replace a part.  When you need to fasten it up again a dab of Loctite Threadlocker will really help prevent it loosening at the wrong time.  This is especially important for safety critical items and crucial because these parts are subject to a lot of in use vibration.

Crampon Spare Parts

Spare Parts

We carry a range of spare parts specific to the products we use.  This includes spare picks and head bolts (picks and bolts for Black Diamond tools are shown).  We also carry spare crampon points and a range of other crampon bolts, spacers and toe bails (parts for Petzl Lynx and the cords for Irvis Hybrid crampons are shown).

We also carry some spare crampon straps.  Of course these are useful for crampons, but they are a strong and durable strap and can also be useful for various other non-crampon repairs.  A set of spare laces might also prove useful.

Extendable Hose Clamp & Petzl Irvis Hybrid Cord

Other Repair Spares

We carry some extendable hose clamp banding.  This can offer a secure and flexible repair where durability and longevity are vital.  Something like this is ideal. We also have a couple of longer length Voile Ski Straps in the kit for the same reason.  They offer a quick and very versatile get you home repair option in many situations.


Technical Climbing Equipment takes a pounding and we yet we expect it to keep performing day after day. Usually it does, but of course it can get damaged too. What a shame if your trip or objective grinds to a halt because some crucial piece of equipment fails and you don’t have the means to fix it. Carrying Technical Climbing Equipment Repair Kits may save the trip. It is a cheap and simple insurance policy that may keep your dream alive.

We really hope you have found this Technical Climbing Equipment Repair Kits advice article useful.  Please also check out our Clothing And Equipment Repair Kits advice article here.  This provides some ideas about items that would help repair and maintain fabrics and footwear. We have a broad range of other advice articles available on our website blog here.  Our blog also contains many gear reviews and inspiration articles that may be of interest.