Super Sparrow Water Bottles

Super Sparrow Water Bottles

The name “Super Sparrow” never fails to raise a smile from people, and if you smile then you generally like something. I certainly smiled when I first encountered Super Sparrow water bottles, and yes, I like them too! Marketed as drinks bottles for all sports and adventures, these drinks bottles have lived up to their promise of durability and ease of use. Super Sparrow water bottles are available in a variety of colours and sizes and I put 3 to the test.

Super Sparrow Reusable Flask (500ml, small mouth) 

Shaped like a traditional glass milk bottle, the 500ml reusable flask fits nicely in the hand and in the rucksack. It’s made of pro-grade stainless steel and is double-wall vacuum insulated. Claiming to keep drinks hot for 12 hours, and cold for 24 hours, there is a definite challenge here! After 12 hours my coffee, although not still truly hot, was definitely not “UGH! This coffee’s cold!” Still warm enough to be drinkable counts as hot in my book. Especially on a cold day.

In this chop and change summer it was only a short while later and the weather turned extremely hot. It was now a real pleasure to have a definitely still ice-cold drink after 7 hours out in the sun. A further test revealed the drink was indeed nicely cool after 12 hours. The powder-coating on the outside provides an eye-catching finish that doesn’t feel slippery in your palm, and as a bonus the 500ml small-mouth flask comes with a protective neoprene sleeve.

Also included are a spare seal for the bung, which has a chunky thread so it’s easy to twist open or closed, and a spare rubber grip-ring for the bung. This is a great idea for anyone who’s ever struggled to twist open a drinks bottle with a smooth top and cold wet hands! The 500ml reusable flask is currently retailing for around £14.59 and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. More details can be found on the Super Sparrow Water Bottle website here and these bottles are all available via Amazon here.

Super Sparrow Flask (500ml, standard mouth)

These Super Sparrow water bottles are definitely lookers! Made of pro-grade stainless steel and double-wall insulated, this claims to keep hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24 hours. Performance-wise, it keeps hot drinks drinkably hot for 12 hours (though not boiling hot) and 12 hours after filling it with cold water it was still definitely cold! Job done! The powder-coated outside gives a sleek look and grippy feel, and the neoprene sleeve does a good job protecting the bottle and aiding insulation. The real eye-catcher though has to be the unusual wooden top to the steel bung. It just looks really different and very cool, and helps your grip when unscrewing the top.

The bung also includes a metal ring to help clip it to anything you want to. This flask came with a different top too – a sports-top with a flip-up spout and integral straw for cold drinks. There is also a spare straw, cleaning brush, carabiner style metal utility clip and a shoulder-strap included in the package. This product has really been thought out. The only thing it was missing was its own drinking-cup! It retails for around £15.59 and also comes with the Super Sparrow water bottle limited lifetime warranty.

Super Sparrow Sports Water Bottle (750ml)

Eye-catching colours, matching patterned wrist-strap and a smooth and slinky finish mean this water bottle stands out from the others that lurk in the back of my cupboard! It is made from impact-resistant BPA-free plastic and is semi-transparent so you can see how much you’ve got left. There are also handy volume measurements on the side.

My wife immediately grabbed this bottle and wouldn’t let me near it, so I’ve had to ask her for her feedback! At her Zumba and Pilates classes she’s had loads of people commenting on how great it looks and smiling at the brand name too. One of her friends, an uber-cool gym-bunny, declared he definitely wanted one to go with his designer gym-gear. Now there’s an endorsement!

The top is designed to be opened with one hand using a button lock to pop the top open and the free-flowing nozzle means easy drinking. When finished, flip the top closed for a secure and leak-proof closure. A plastic clip can be used to secure the button-lock to prevent unwanted opening.

One flaw I’ve discovered is that if the bottle is filled to the brim and tipped back too steeply, you get a splashing of liquid from the air-hole. An easy answer is don’t over fill the bottle or tip it too steeply when it’s full! The top is easy to clean and comes with a spare silicon seal. An added extra is the removable strainer basket that slots into the mouth of the bottle if you like a slice of your favourite fruit to flavour your water.

This bottle is definitely one for people who want style with their sports-drink. It retails for around £11.59 and comes with Super Sparrow water bottles’ limited lifetime warranty. Staying hydrated in these warmer months is essential and, if these reviews have been useful, please also check out our Peak Mountaineering ‘Advice on Hyperthermia’ guide here.