Soldering Iron Rope Cutter

Soldering Iron Rope Cutter

Using a Soldering Iron Rope Cutter will change your life…..maybe! Please read on for another top tip.

If you head into a climbing shop they are likely to have one of those posh heated rope cutters. They are perfectly designed for cutting and sealing the ends of accessory cord and other nylon based rope products.  They work extremely well but are surprisingly pricey and so not really practical for the home user. 

You might not need to cut and seal rope too often. In that case another option is to heat up a knife on a stove. This will happily slice and seal rope.  It can be a bit messy until you get the hang of it. Also, don’t expect your knife to ever be the same again.  

However, there is a good in between.  The answer to your rope cutting needs is an electric soldering iron.  These beauties will slice through rope and seal rope ends neatly and efficiently. . They are also cheap. They can be found online for less than £10. Here is an example.

It is best to source a soldering iron rope cutter that heats quickly and has a chisel tip (many come with several tips) and a stand. Please also make sure you don’t leave the iron switched on and unattended.  It is a simple and efficient option for rope end management.

It is worth noting that anytime you heat nylon material up to melting point you have a very hot sticky material that will cause a nasty burn. Please ensure you have adequate protection and know how to treat a burn. It is also important that you aren’t doing this on a surface that could be damaged.

Oh, and don’t forget to knot your rope end like this when you come to climb on it!