Sleeping Bag Stuffing

Rab sleeping bag

Our Sleeping Bag Stuffing tip shares a simple idea that will make storing your bag far more efficient. We hope you find it useful.

Modern sleeping bags are incredibly efficient and their high tech fabrics, and the insulation between them, performs superbly.  Often a breathable and fairly weatherproof outer layer combines with a soft drape and highly breathable inner layer. It is efficient and yet a balance. The manufacturer always need to get the balance between keeping the elements at bay and allowing enough air flow to allow the bag to loft.  

These modern bags also pack really small. I always choose a waterproof dry sack such as the Exped options here. I want to stow my sleeping bag as small as possible for on the trail storage. This contrasts with always storing my bags in a loose cotton storage bag at home.  The only problem with this dry bag storage can arise when you come to stuff your bag away. The air can be slow to work its way through the less breathable outer layer of fabric.  Our latest top tip offers a simple and efficient solution.  

For more efficient sleeping bag stuffing all you need to do is turn your sleeping bag inside out before packing it away.  This allows the air to squish easily out of the highly breathable inner fabric layer as you pack it away.  Much more efficient, quicker, and maybe even kinder to the insulation too.  The only caveat to this is if you are pulling your sleeping bag back out in damp conditions. This might be in a damp tent or snow shelter. In this case you might want the more weather protective outer shell to come out first.

A perfect option for this technique would be the Rab Mythic 600 sleeping bag detailed here. Our Sleeping Bag Pre Heater tip detailed here might also be of interest.