Riding Without A Pack

Riding Without a Pack

Riding without a pack doesn’t half feel good.  Liberating infact.  It feels great to have nothing to shift your balance on those gnarly descents. Even better, if there is nothing on your shoulders there is nothing to make your shoulders ache.  Pack free rides also stop your back getting sweaty on those lung busting ascents.  

Of course, It is still essential to have the key bases ticked.  You should always be prepped to deal with trail side repairs and sort out mechanical problems.  Well maybe you still can?  There is a surprising amount of storage available on and inside your bike.  All it might take is a bit of ingenuity to keep you cranking out the miles safely.

The Double Black Bike Repair team have put together this handy little video.  It is designed to share some ideas on how you can safely stash the key items away. With this in mind, it focuses mainly on repairs.  There is mention of a handy hydration option too and it isn’t hard to stash a few Clif Bars. After all, surely that’s what shorts pockets are for?

There is another video in the pipeline. This will consider ways to communicate in an emergency and kit to deal with a first aid emergency. But, as the legendary Yvon Chouniard has always said, you more you know, the less you need. The best way to prep for an accident is really to join one of our 5 star Outdoor First Aid courses!  

We’d consider this type of tool storage set up to be perfect for shorter duration rides that haven’t taken you too far off the beaten track.  For longer and more remote outings you will definitely want to beef up your options.     

We hope you find this riding without a pack video useful.  Please don’t forget that the Double Black team can help with the installation of devices like the superb One Up Component EDC.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch via our Contact Form.