Reflective Guylines


Reflective Guylines are certainly great for use on tents, but this simple top tip is about their advantages in many other situations.  We really hope you find it useful.

A while ago we shared a Top Tip about the benefits of reflective markers to mark key equipment.  You can read that here.  Having keys items more visible can help with organisation and might also help with safety.  Now, here’s another handy little addition to that which may be useful. This time, it’s all about reflective guylines.  Of course, these handy pieces of cord with intertwined glow in the dark thread are great for marking your tent on that remote mountain campsite.  However, here I’m really referring to using pieces of that same cord for other things. 

I have used these, for a few examples, as zipper pulls or on cord to attach a whistle to my buoyancy aid.  They are also in play to attach my bike light battery on my bike frame and for tie downs on a rucksack.  I also like to use them as a marker tied around the keeper on my water bottle.  They have loads of uses and the options are only limited by the imagination.

You can buy reflective cord at lots of outdoor shops and I usually find something around 3mm is optimum as it can be threaded through smaller gaps in items like zips.  This diameter is also easy enough to handle when wearing gloves.  An example of one type can be found here.  

Pretty simple really, but we hope you find it useful.  We are adding to our Top Tips collection all the time so please do check out others too.  For example,  our Top Tip about Dry Bag Rucksack Organisation and Hooded Jacket Rucksack Storage might also be of interest.