Rab Latok Summit Bivvy Tent Review


Our Rab Latok Summit Bivvy Tent Review details a specialist high mountain shelter suited to challenging ascents in the harshest weather. We hope you find it useful.


The Rab Latok Summit Bivvy is a super light and strong single wall bivvy tent ideal for many adventures. We reckon it easily deserves our Top Gear status. Please read on to find out more.

Our understanding is that this tent started out as a project for Tomas Humar. He was attempting a new route on Nanga Parbat’s Rupal Face and needed a strong and simple single skin shelter. A shelter that would stand up to harsh weather and could be erected quickly. He also needed it to be light enough to carry in a stripped down summit pack.


The Rab Latok Summit Bivvy has been around for quite a few years now and the latest incarnation is still very similar to the original apart from some minor tweaking.  Two crossover alloy poles give the shape and all the features point to its intended use as a high mountain shelter.  There is a single zipped door and several guy points.

There is also a rear tunnel vent that also allows snow to be collected whilst inside. Rab have added some weatherproofed ‘donut loops’ on the top and sides. These are weatherproof tie-in points that allow users to clip into anchors if the bivvy is used on small ledges. That’s about it for features. That is, apart from a single internal storage pocket!

In Use

The Summit is extremely low profile and very cosy for two, but it is still big enough for a summit tent.  The main fabric used is 15D Pertex Shield Air. This is an air permeable three layer ripstop fabric engineered with nanoscale fibres to minimise condensation. There is also a taped bath tub floor made from abrasion resistant and very waterproof 70denier coated nylon.

Any single skin fabric has limitations on breathability. For this reason these types of shelter will generally be best for colder dry conditions.  But, if the limitations are understood, this shelter can protect you in all weathers.

The Rab Latok Summit Bivvy also has a very compact footprint for use in restricted spaces. It is also, at only 1450 grams and with a pack size of 55cm x 16cm, extremely light.

This is a specialist item and not everyone will have call for such a shelter. If you do, this is a great product and shows Rab’s commitment to developing and supporting niche products for specific users. The Rab Latok Summit Bivvy costs £600. Full details are available on the Rab website here.

Our review of the Rab Mythic 600 is also here. This would be a perfect sleeping bag to pair with this tent in cold high mountain environments.