Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of this, you’ll soon have it all worked out.  Weaselling involves taking a rock hopping scrambly route through jumbles of gritstone boulders.  It is great fun and THE perfect family activity.  Be a weasel with us….

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Ratio: 1:10
  • Type: Non-residential
  • Location: Peak District
  • Course Dates: Flexible
  • Booking: Please use our Contact Form to make an enquiry
  • Bespoke event planning
  • Flexible itineraries
  • Expert instruction
  • All technical equipment provided


Weaselling we hear you ask – what on earth is that?! Good question.  If you look in the dictionary you’ll see that it means to ‘achieve something by use of cunning or deceit’, but luckily the word does have another meaning too.  In this case you need to think of the way a certain small and furry creature creeps its way in and out of rocky crevices.  Any clearer?!

Amongst the rocky gritstone crags of the Peak District National Park are boulder fields created when huge rocky blocks have tumbled down the hillside. What we’ve been left with is a network of tight passages and squeezy tunnels perfect for a journey that can best be described as outdoor caving.  It is fantastic fun to quest your way through this rocky wonderland.  Be a weasel!  We’ll throw in some rock hopping and bouldery climbing for anyone up to the challenge too.

Weaselling is an absolutely perfect family adventure activity, but also suits young at heart adults too. No experience is needed and the great thing is that this is very much challenge by choice – if you don’t fancy a particular passage or squeeze you can simply head around the side and join the group on the other end.

Because the route and involvement is infinitely flexible we get lots of families joining us for weaselling sessions where the adults choose to let the kids be the weasels while they accompany them by staying on top of the passages.  And why not – our Peak District weaselling locations are in a stunning landscape and leaving the children to the smaller squeezes leaves the grown ups to be the official photographers!

The groups are always accompanied by qualified instructors and helmets are provided (to prevent bumped heads).  This activity is perfect as a morning or afternoon session and so can be combined easily with many of our other options.  Children as young as 6 are welcome.