Lowland Leader Assessment

The Lowland Leader assessment follows the Lowland Leader Training course as part of the Lowland Leader scheme.  We have teamed up with Mountain Training providers Adventure Expertise to offer this course.


  • Duration: 2 days
  • Ratio: 1:8
  • Type: Non-residential
  • Location: Peak District
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  • Discount for first aid courses booked alongside NGB courses
  • Discount for NGB preparation days booked alongside NGB awards
  • Nationally recognised award scheme
  • 15% discount voucher from Cotswold Outdoor


The Lowland Leader Assessment course is part of the Lowland Leader Award scheme.  This course is delivered by Adventure Expertise.  Adventure Expertise are Mountain Training providers of the Mountain Leader and Lowland Leader scheme courses.

This qualification scheme is for those who are currently involved or keen to become involved in leading groups and individuals in lowland terrain in the UK.  Details of the syllabus can be viewed on the Mountain Training website here.  Course participants must register with Mountain Training prior to the course start.  Adventure Expertise will be in touch after booking to arrange payment.

Who is this award for?

The Lowland Leader Award is of particular relevance for:

  • Teachers wanting to lead Bronze DofE expedition groups.  Please note that the Expedition Skills Module must be completed for overnight camping.
  • Schools looking to train volunteers or teachers to help oversee expedition activities and training in lowland areas.
  • Gold DofE participants who have completed their DofE award and would like to progress to leading groups, training young people or as a first step into the outdoor industry.
  • Teachers or volunteers who want to lead walking clubs or groups.
  • Volunteers for different societies or organisations where walking or leading walks is part of what you do.

Course Outline

The Lowland Leader Assessment is a further two day course following your training course and consolidation period where you will cover the full award syllabus.  Our assessments are all about setting an atmosphere in which everyone feels welcome and able to perform at their best with the minimum of stress.  We know assessments are a challenge.  We’ve been there!  So, we work hard to ensure you get the best out of yourself when it matters, making the assessments as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.  This course is delivered from Hathersage in the Peak District National Park

First Aid

Lowland Leader Assessment candidates need an appropriate 16 hour Outdoor First Aid course.  As providers of ITC first aid courses we can provide a suitable course.  Full details on these are available here.  We offer a substantial discount on first aid courses to anyone booking a Lowland Leader Assessment with us.  Full details on our discount scheme can be found on the Discount Packages tab above.

NGB Preparation

Sometimes candidates wish for assistance on their journey to assessment.  We offer NGB preparation days to aid the journey.  Full details on our preparation days are available here.  We offer a substantial discount on first aid courses to anyone booking a NGB preparation day with us.  Full details on our discount scheme can be found on the Discount Packages tab above.

Discount Packages

We want to be there with you on your National Governing Body (NGB) award journey.  With that in mind,  we are happy to offer substantial discounts to anyone booking a package of courses with us.

For anyone who books any NGB award training or assessment course with us, we offer the following discounts on first aid courses and preparation courses:

  • 30% off one of our ITC Outdoor First Aid courses for anyone booking a Mountain Leader training or assessment course or 20% for anyone booking a Lowland Leader training or assessment course.  Details on suitable first aid courses is here.
  • 20% discount on any single NGB preparation days for anyone booking any NGB course with us.  Details on or hillwalking NGB preparation days can be found here.
  • 25% discount on any multiple NGB preparation days for anyone booking any NGB course with us.  Details on or hillwalking NGB preparation days can be found here.

Award Scope

The Lowland Leader award trains and assesses candidates in the skills required to lead others on walks in lowland countryside and woodland that fit ALL of the following criteria:

  • Walks must not cross any hazardous terrain (e.g. cliffs, very steep slopes, water hazards etc.).
  • Throughout the walk the group should never generally be more than 3km away from a key access point such as a car park, lay-by or populated area. Any potential escape routes should also lie within the scope of the defined terrain for the Lowland Leader award.
  • Walks will require the ability to plan routes, use simple navigation skills using a map and compass and be self-sufficient.
  • Walks must follow paths or tracks that are both marked on a map and clearly visible on the ground and that do not require navigation across untracked areas.
  • Walks must use bridges or other recognised water crossing points.
  • Walks must only take place in summer conditions (i.e. when there is no unavoidable snow or ice on any part of the route).

Attendance Pre-requisites

  • Attended a Lowland Leader training course (or have been granted exemption)
  • Be familiar with the syllabus
  • Have logged a minimum of 20 walks in lowland countryside in different types of terrain (woodland, coastal, farmland etc)
  • Hold a current first aid certificate, minimum 16 hours and relevant to the work of a Lowland Leader  (we offer a full range of suitable courses here and offer discount packages for anyone attending both a Lowland Leader course and first aid course with us)
  • It is not essential for candidates to hold a reference to complete the assessment

Course Syllabus

A strong emphasis will be placed on basic map work and party management throughout your Lowland Leader Award Assessment Course. The course will also assess your knowledge in many other syllabus areas including, but not limited to:

  • Remit of the Lowland Leader Award
  • Personal leadership skills, styles and group management
  • Legal and moral issues of leadership in the outdoors;
  • Walking skills and walking proficiency across a variety of different lowland terrain
  • Planning walks including obtaining appropriate weather information and taking into account a variety of different group needs
  • Basic map work and route finding skills
  • Equipment for both leaders and participants
  • Hazards and emergency procedures including first aid and group management
  • Environmental awareness, conservation, access and land ownership
  • Common incidents that you might encounter while leading in lowland terrain

Day 1

Meet 09:30am

  • Course introduction
  • Candidate introductions

Out on a walk 10:30am – 17:00pm

  • Assessing personal skills from the syllabus as listed in the course format section

Evening session 17:00pm – 17:45pm

  • Planning task ready for a day walk tomorrow

Day 2

Meet 09:00am

  • Morning briefing

Out on a walk 09:30am – 16:30pm

  • Assessing all aspects of the syllabus with an emphasis on leadership skills

Arrive back at base 17:00pm

  • Individual debriefs and results. Course close and depart at approximately 17:30 – 17:45pm

Accommodation Options

We don’t provide accommodation on our courses as some of our clients would like to stay in luxury accommodation, some in B&B’s, some in Bunkhouses and some like to camp. Therefore we feel our clients benefit from being able choose the accommodation they personally prefer in relation to their budget.

We are more than happy to recommend places to stay. As such after completion of your booking you will receive a course information pack which will contain further information about your course and a selection of local accommodation options.