Overseas Adventures

Overseas Adventures

We’ve got a long history of leading and participating in expeditions.  From way back in our teens we were journeying everywhere from South America to the Himalayas and Africa to Northern India – we’ve had some incredible personal experiences and now love nothing more than to share the life enhancing benefits of adventure travel with people like you.

Every year we run a select range of top quality expeditions which always, while they vary in length and challenge level, stay true to our ethos of sustainable travel.  We have some staple destinations and each year add some variety too – some of our Peak Mountaineers have been coming away with us for years and we need to keep feeding their fire. One thing that doesn’t vary though – we always make sure your trip will be that adventure of a lifetime that you always wanted.

We try to shy away from the ‘honeypot’ options that some companies frequent – we much prefer to take you to somewhere a bit different. This may mean you haven’t heard so much about the place before, but we believe it will give you a far purer experience. We won’t promise to be the cheapest you’ll find in the adventure travel market. We don’t aim to be. If you are finding a bargain expedition there will always be a reason for that. We aim solely on offering the best service – all our trips are led by an experienced UK leader with knowledge of the destination (some companies only allocate in-country staff) who will be supported by a local in-country team. We also work with well connected and reliable overseas agents who we have known for years, we have great back up systems in place and we offer a good standard of living in the destination country (not always luxury, but a good standard). Our prices reflect that. You may be paying a bit more for all this, but believe us it will seem money very well spent when you are overseas.

Lastly, we are all too aware that travel to distant locations has an environmental impact and, while we fully appreciate the personal benefits travel brings, we are desperate to avoid contributing to the growing climate crisis. Our environment page has details on our general approach to protecting the planet, but for overseas trips in particular we try and offset our environmental impact as fully as possible.

This involves everything from choosing sustainably produced equipment to offsetting our carbon deficit. We are also very big on supporting local communities and working with various grass roots organisations to improve the lives of local people and to protect the environments we travel through. We are doing a lot but none of us can escape the fact that travel inevitably causes environmental damage. There is always a trade off to be made and we always striving to do more – it is a constantly evolving process. We don’t want to seem negative – just transparent.

So, please have a browse of our upcoming trips and we really hope you find something to inspire you. Send us an email or give us a call and we’ll chew the fat over your dream trip – we are fully committed to ensuring we get the right trip for the each team member and will always advise you openly and honestly.

We are also experts at putting together bespoke trips for closed groups and each year we have corporate groups, groups of friends and families heading off on private trips. If you fancy rallying your own troops we would love to put something together for you (we can even offer discounted or free trips for organisers – see the individual trip pages for details).