Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

We’ve spent decades mountain biking and been lucky enough to explore some of the best trails on the planet.  When it became time to put down roots and offer mountain biking courses it was no accident that we ended up settling in the best biking terrain in the UK.  The Peak District National Park is a treasure trove of varied riding and we never tire of exploring.

We also love nothing more than sharing the best of what we enjoy with people like you.  Our passion for the sport has blossomed over the years and our core team, as well as being coaches, are qualified Cytech bike mechanics.  It’s nice to pick up some pro maintenance tips as part of your time with us.

The Peak District has trails to suit all ability levels.  Perfect terrain, infact, to teach riders all they need to become confident independent off roaders.  The area also boasts a superb infrastructure and great travel links.  It is mountain biking gold dust.

We offer mountain biking courses for varying ability levels although we actually get just as many people taking up our Classic Guided Rides option.  This often suits riders who are already confident independents although we can tailor these guided rides to all experience levels and aspirations.  A guided ride will always offer opportunities for skill development too.  You provide the legs and we’ll provide the professional input.

Our scheduled mountain biking courses focus on developing a grounding in key skills and it works. With low ratios and expert instructors you’ll develop quickly.  Don’t worry that you’ll be pushed too far though.  The skills will be introduced at a pace to suit you.

Just to say that we can offer guided rides in other areas too.  We may be Peak District based but we’ve ridden trails everywhere.  Challenge us!  In recent years we’ve guided everything from the classic Coast to Coast mountain biking route to a ‘hard rock’ link up which combined cycling between hard rock routes and climbing them.