Governing Body Awards

Governing Body Awards

We have broad experience of delivering a range of National Governing Body (NGB) awards.  This allows us to understand the importance of quality input for all candidates on their journey to assessment.  We would love nothing more than to help on your qualification journey.

Firstly, we run NGB preparation courses.  All these courses run on a private guided basis. Having said that, we do sometimes have others wishing to be paired up with another candidate if that is of interest to you.  We used to offer open courses but found that private training is far more productive.  These courses are completely tailored to your needs.  We spend time before each course discussing what needs to be covered. We also offer an action plan to help with onward preparation.  We want to share your award journey with you.

We’ve added some representative course preparation options below, but we can help with a broad range of qualifications. If you don’t see what you need please do get in touch.  We’ll be delighted to discuss your requirements.

We’ve also teamed up with local Mountain Training providers Adventure Expertise to offer Mountain Leader and Lowland Leader award courses.  Adventure Expertise are providers of the Mountain Leader and Lowland Leader schemes.  In order to participate in either of these schemes participants must have registered with Mountain Training.

We do offer significant discounts for anyone booking training packages with us.  As we are also providers of ITC first aid courses we are delighted to offer a 30% saving on Outdoor First Aid courses for anyone booking a governing body award course or NGB preparation course with us.  All holders of national governing body awards also require a valid 16 hour first aid certificate to validate their qualification.

We would actually recommend that anyone booking preparation training with us only books one day to start with and then, if needed, further days can be added once we know where you are up too. We also ask that you don’t book these days too close to your assessment so that you have plenty of time to put any action points we discuss into practice.