Primus Tupike Stove Review

Primus Tupike Stove

Primus is a Swedish manufacturer of premium quality stoves and related accessories and we have been privileged to have used and reviewed a broad number of their products. Earlier in the year they sent us one of their Tupike stoves to test and, after extensive use, here is my Primus Tupike Stove Review.

The Test

The COVID-19 lockdown changed many aspects of our everyday lives.  We all had to spend far more time at home and many of us had more chance to take time over the day to day.  Luckily, the UK lockdown also coincided with a very fine spell of weather and we took advantage to spend a very feral early summer exploring the local area and living the day to day mostly in the garden.  

I’m certainly not claiming this was an easy time for anyone, but this period did provide a great opportunity to fully test the stove and write this Primus Tupike stove review.  For several months we lived most of the time in our small country garden and truly relished the outdoor life.  The Tupike became an integral part of our day to day. 


Primus have an enviable reputation for producing extremely high quality products and the Tupike is no exception.  Upon unboxing you will immediately be struck by the elegant design, build quality and attention to detail. The sleek stainless steel body with die-cast aluminum sides, oak trim and brass detailing give all the right first impressions.

Once the integrated oak trimmed handle is moved upwards, the lid can be raised to reveal the two burner grill.  Each burner is fired up by a separate push button Piezo igniter which allows each burner to be lit independently.  Each burner also benefits from a separate gas flow controls that easily adjust from 3000 watts of output to a gentle simmer.  

Twin fold out legs allow the stove height to be raised although the stove can be operated in its flat position too.  The lid is designed to offer wind protection and this is helped by 2 adjustable fold out metal side flaps.  The internal pot supports and drip tray are removable for easy cleaning and the Primus Tupike stove also comes with a non-stick griddle plate. 

The fuel line unclips from a storage slot discreetly hidden in the stove base.  Once unclipped, this can be connected to a standard screw top disposable gas cartridge or, by using an adapter (available separately), you can run the stove on Camping Gaz type refillable canisters.  

In Use

As explained above,  for the last 4 months this stove has been our go to for most of the family cooking.  In that time we have got to know its characteristics and fast track the amount of use to match what most will only get over many years.

At 4.5kgs this is certainly not a lightweight stove, but that is not what it’s supposed to be.  This is a base camp or car camping cook system.  In that role, the weight is  the carry handle makes it simple to move the stove around and the locking lid, foldable legs and clip away fuel line is genius – you can pack this away in seconds and have it up and running equally quickly.

Once the lid is opened, the gas can be screwed into the regulator and then you are pretty much good to go. The pot support panel does store upside down and needs to be turned around, but that only takes a few seconds.  After that is sorted, a turn of the control knob and press of the Piezo igniter and it is cooking time.  

The independent controls allow infinite adjustment and the stable base ensures the stove feels solid even when loaded up with larger pans.  I have preferred to use it with the legs stored flat, but it still feels rock solid when the legs are used.  

The Primus Tupike stove is very easy to live with.  Primus have incorporated a drip tray that is very easy to remove and clean.  It is a great design feature.  Even better, to help with cleaning the tray is shaped so that any fat or liquid drains to the bottom.  

As mentioned, the Tupike will run by default with screw type disposable canisters.  These perform superbly and are available in various sizes and with options designed for use in colder temperatures.  One disadvantage of these is the cost which will certainly be noticeable if you are getting through them regularly.   Unfortunately, another big concern for me is that they are non-recyclable.

Luckily, Primus are very keen to ensure their gas stoves can be used with as many different gas supplies as possible and have a range of adapters available.  I prefer to use the refillable blue Camping Gaz containers and, if you do too, simply source the adapter for a very simple switch over.  In other parts of the world you may need to source other types.  Apparently there was a time when Primus supplied other adapters with the Tupike, but you will need to source that yourself now.

It is easy to shield the burners from wind by ensuring the back panel is blocking the wind.  The additional fold out wings also help with this as they pivot to any position. I would have preferred these wings to have a fastener on the base of the stove as they can flap around in stronger winds, but they are still a very useful addition.


The overall design of the Tupike is very Swedish and very Primus.  The oak strips across the handle and lid, the solid build, the impeccable workmanship and the attention to detail – this is a stove built for the hard yards and it will last a lifetime.  But looks aren’t everything and fortunately the Tupike delivers very highly on performance too.  At £250 the Tupike is quite the investment, but for that you’ll get endless years of use and even then can hand it down to your children.  It has been a pleasure to test and write this Primus Tupike stove review because, put simply, it’s a truly superb stove suitable for any base camp or on any friends or family camping trip.