Primus Firestick Ti Stove Review


Our Primus Firestick Ti Stove Review explores an innovative lightweight and compact stove from this long established Swedish manufacturer. We hope you find it useful.

Whether you are lightweight backpacking or mountaineering, there are lots of times an ultra compact and simple stove will be your top choice. Enter the Primus Firestick. This stove is designed to tuck easily into a rucksack or store inside your pan set and yet be ready for use in seconds. We were keen to take one for a test run and here is our review.

The Primus Brand

From their beginnings to the present day Primus have been industry leaders in high performance stoves and cook systems. The business started in 1892 when blacksmiths F.W.Lindqvist and J.V.Svenson created the first soot free kerosene stove. Soon after, they were the choice of ground breaking explorers like Roald Amundsen and mountaineers like Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary. They certainly have pedigree.

As the business has continued to grow Primus have adapted. In 1994, to meet demand, they opened a factory in Tartu, Estonia. This allows the company to keep production within Europe while managing quality at every stage of manufacture. Times have changed but the company remains dedicated to creating the finest quality products.

Firestick Ti Stores In Supplied Wool Pouch


The Primus Firestick and Firestick Ti are compact and lightweight stoves designed for varied outdoor adventures. The standard model has pot supports manufactured from stainless steel. The Ti model tested has titanium pot supports. Other features are the same for both models.

The stove stores as a compact and streamlined tube. This makes it easy to store them in a pocket or rucksack. Once the stove is opened up, the four spring loaded pot supports and 2500 watt burner unit are revealed. The pot supports are designed to provide wind protection and also offer a secure base for your cooking pot.

Lighting The Frestick Ti Stove With The Included Piezo Igniter

Burner Adjustment

A fine adjust burner control allows the stove to easily adjust from full blast to simmer and the stove runs from widely available screw on canister cartridges. The pot supports should work with any pan but are optimised for use with Primus Primetech pans with heat exchangers. You can find out more about the Primetech pan systems here. For this review we focussed on using the Primus Trek Pot Set reviewed here.

A single handed operation stand alone Piezo igniter is supplied with the stove. It also features a press stud fastening wool storage pouch. The pouch is designed to double in use as a pot holder. When it comes time to pack the stove away again the pot supports are folded back in and secured with a metal screw ring.


Both models of the Firestick measure 10.3 cms x 3.6 cms. The stainless steel model weighs 105 grams and the titanium model weighs 89 grams. Primus state a boiling time of 3.5 minutes with a regular pot. The stainless steel stove has a retail price of 90 euros and 120 euros for the titanium version. At current (October 2021) exchange rates this equates to approximately £68 and £102. Neither stove is supplied with gas.

Stove With 100 Gram Gas Canister Fitted

In Use

How To Use

Like all Primus products we have used, on first inspection the Firestick Ti Stove appears beautifully made. It is also very compact. In it’s stored form it looks like a compact tube. There are smaller gas canister stoves on the market, but it is sized perfectly to tuck neatly into a rucksack. Ii is also small enough to be stored inside some pans as shown in the picture above. In this case it is shown inside a one litre Trek Pot pan reviewed here.

To open the Firestick you untwist a metal disc that holds the pot supports together. This allows the spring loaded pot supports to open automatically. This works well and yet also means you have to be careful not to lose this disc. If you don’t have this the supports won’t stay closed.

Then, to prep the stove for use you simply need to screw on a gas canister, add a suitable pot and light the stove. The Firesticks will work with any size standard screw on gas canister. Lighting the stove just involves turning the control valve knob and clicking the included Piezo igniter. It is all very simple to operate.

Teeth On Pot Supports Don’t Make Contact With Pans


So, hopefully we have shown the Firestick is easy to use. Next, for our Primus Firestick Ti Stove Review, let’s consider how it performs? We’ve tried the stove in a variety of conditions and temperatures and used a selection of pan types and liquid volumes. We’ll consider each in turn.

Primus state a boiling time of 3.5 minutes with a standard pot. We couldn’t find more details on how this burn time was calculated and what volume of liquid was used. There is also no indication of either the ambient temperature or the starting temperature of the liquid. This makes any comparison with results we have compiled rather pointless.

We are also very reluctant to start offering our own figures as any direct comparison really isn’t possible. We also think sharing results can be problematic as every individual set of conditions are different. We’ve rather give a general view on our findings.

In still conditions we found the Firestick Ti offered performance comparable to other compact canister stoves. In windy conditions the Firestick didn’t fare too well. The stove is very tall and so it is very open to being affected by a sidewards breeze. This did improve slightly when the stove was angled with the pot support blocking the wind, but this only offers marginal improvements.

The Firestick Ti And Piezo Igniter Fit Neatly In The Felt Storage Pouch

Using The Firestick Ti With Cooking Pots

The next thing to consider is the way the Firestick interacts with a cooking pot. The four supports appear strong and stable and have no problem supporting a fully loaded pan. However, they do only open a limited amount which means larger pans will only be offered limited support. This will also be affected if you are using a particularly tall pan.

We predominantly tested the Firestick with the Primus Trek Pot Set pans we reviewed here. These fit well and yet the smaller 0.6 litre pot definitely feels more stable. To prevent the pots sliding around Primus have added a serrated piece of metal to each pot support. The only thing to note is that most of the pots we tried didn’t engage this feature. we aren’t sure why Primus added them if they aren’t going to help.

Primus say the Firestick is optimised for use with pans like their Primetech models which feature a built in heat exchanger. We tested the stove with one of these and they do work really well. The design of the pan means it is held securely without risk of sliding off the supports. The heat exchanger feature also maximises gas efficiency and improves boiling times.

Firestick Works Well With Primus Primetech Pans As Shown Above

Flame Control

Flame control is very simple. The control valve allows instant and infinite flame adjustment and works superbly. From simmer to full throttle only needs a turn. The Piezo igniter also works really efficiently and is designed for one handed operation.

In terms of weight, the Firestick Ti is certainly a very lightweight performer. There are lighter models on the market, but this model still fits into the lightweight category. The neat storage design also makes it simple to store the stove without risk of damaging other equipment. The smart wool storage pouch also helps with safe storage.

Firestick Ti And Gas Canister Stored Inside Primus Trek Pot Set One Litre Pan


Our Primus Firestick Ti Stove Review details a well performing and lightweight canister stove which we expect will offer many years of great service. At over £100 this product certainly has a premium price tag, but as with all Primus products we’ve used, our review finds great attention to design detail and many clever features.

We have highlighted some of our observations about the burner supports and the stability given the height of the stove. But, like all products the consideration is always going to be whether it suits your needs. If it does, this stove will likely become a well trusted companion. Full details about the Primus Firestick Ti (and standard Firestick model) stove are available on the Primus website here.

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