Patagonia Black Hole Cubes


The Patagonia Black Hole Cubes range features a selection of storage and organisation travel cubes. We have found them to be really well designed and extremely robust. So good, infact, that they deserved to feature amongst our Top Gear choices.

Patagonia Black Hole Cubes

On my recent trip to Peru I was offered a couple of Patagonia’s recently introduced Black Hole Cube storage bags to try out.  I’ve always been a big fan of Patagonia’s long established Black Hole Duffle Bags. I’m also a fan of keeping my kit organised. So, the Black Hole Cubes seemed like they’d be a great travel companion.  I’ve only been using them for about 3 weeks, but I am totally convinced. They are a packing game changer. So much so, I thought I’d rush a quick Top Gear blog post about them online. We hope you get converted too!

2,6 & 10 Litre Sizes

The Black Hole Cubes come in 2, 6 and 10 litre sizes. I’ve only tested the 2 and 6 litre sizes. I was offered a 10 litre to try but thought it would be too big. I’m glad I turned it down as I think anything larger would be too large for my needs.  The cubes are made from extremely durable and weather resistant coated polyester ripstop. They have a chunky zip, exterior lash points and a grab handle.   The 2 litre is a simple bag shape with single zipper and interior mesh divider. The 6 litre opens in a clam shell style with each side separated by a zippered mesh panel.

Different Sizes For Different Purposes

There are always so many little bits of equipment that need to be stored when you are travelling. These little beauties are genius.  The 2 litre could make a good wash bag or tool kit. For this trip, it has been the place I’ve stored everything mini from pens to cable ties and duct tape to note pads.  The larger 6 litre has held everything that is a little larger. Anything from headtorches, guide books and chargers to mid size items.  The combination of the two has meant I instantly know where all the knick knacks are. All that is left to pack are clothes, shoes and all the other bigger bits of kit.

Instant Organisation

When I’ve arrived at a hotel room or pitched my tent, I pull the Black Holes out. Instantly I have access to everything without needing to root around in the depths of my duffle.  This also allows me to be slick when packing the next morning.  If the room has a bedside table I just stick them on there. I can then reach for anything I need during the evening.  I’ve really never been so organised!

Durable Enough For A Lifetime Of Adventure

All the fittings and construction of the Black Holes are as chunky and over engineered as Black Hole duffles themselves. They won’t be waterproof but they should hold off a fair bit of water. As a guide they are probably about as water resistant as a duffle bag. A nice touch is also that they are lined with light fabric. This really makes things easy to see inside too.

Patagonia Black Hole Cubes Addiction  

So, having used them daily for 3 weeks I am completely in love with these bags.  They are a brilliant travel companion and I just wanted (needed?!) to share my Black Hole Cube addiction as soon as possible. If I was going to pick one size I would go for the 6 litre as I think this is the most versatile, but having both has been the perfect combination.  The 6 litre cube costs around £27 and the 2 litre costs £24.  You won’t regret the purchase and they’d be sure to bring a smile to any loved ones face on Christmas Day.

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