Osprey Raptor Pro Pack Review


Our Osprey Raptor Pro Pack Review explores a well featured biking pack with integrated back protector.  We hope you find it useful. 


Osprey need no introduction as an industry leading pack and travel luggage manufacturer.  Their extensive range includes products for every sport and every type of travel.  Amongst these they also produce a range of biking focussed products.  We have reviewed a number of them in the past and there are links to the reviews at the bottom on this review.  Amongst these are their versatile Raptor packs.  We really rate these and, in fact, they have been our go to mountain biking packs for many years.

Now, Osprey have added the Raptor Pro to the range.  This offers all the features of other models in the Raptor range, but adds an integrated level 1 back protector into the mix.  We were really excited to get an early release sample to review and so please read on for our Osprey Raptor Pro Pack Review.   

Waist Belt Buckle



The Raptor Pro is made from Bluesign approved 100% recycled 210D nylon bird dobby. It also has a durable water repellant (DWR) treatment made without poly-fluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS).  The materials have been specced for the characteristic rough use expected from biking.


The pack features a bike specific winged shoulder harness and air mesh wrap hip belt.  The 38mm waist belt has a secure aluminium buckle closure.   The harness is framed around a contoured AirScape back panel with soft and breathable Spacemesh contact surfaces.  The shoulder straps include a sternum strap with an integrated magnet.  This works to secure hydration tubes with an integrated magnet such as the Osprey Hydraulics system. 

LidLock Helmet Attachment System


The Raptor Pro has an 18 litre capacity and the storage options are comprehensive.  There is a main clamshell zipped compartment which includes various small pockets.  There is a zipped pocket perfect for small electronics or valuables.  This pocket includes a key clip.  Behind the front panel there is another pocket designed to hold up to a 2.5 litre hydration bladder (available seperately).  A hose path exits from this pocket for easy loading.

There is a mesh pocket which will hold smaller items such as a windproof jacket or spare inner tube.  On either side of this there are also small sleeve pockets which will hold items like a pump or bike spares.  At the bottom of the pack there is another zipped pocket which, when opened, reveals a removable tool roll.  This pocket is also padded for impact protection.  

On the front there is a fully padded panel with upper compression for full face helmet carry.  There is also a LidLock bike helmet attachment for an alternative carry option. Further  side panel pockets with dual compression straps make storage options for leg/arm protection storage.

On the top of the pack there is a further scratch free, heat-embossed zippered slash pocket for sunglasses or electronics.   Finally, the hip belt has zipped mesh side pockets for on the go small item storage.  A rear light attachment is also included.

Waistbelt Padded Side Panel

Back Protection

The other big definer of this pack is the integrated D30 BP4 CE level 1 protector.  D3O absorbs and dissipates the energy from impacts, reducing the amount of force that gets transmitted to your body.  D30 impact protection is offered in two levels, Level 1 and Level 2.  The protector is removable via a zipped sleeve behind the AirScape back panel.  


The Raptor Pro comes in a single size option and the dimensions are 46cm high by 26cm wide and 22cms deep.  The pack weight is 1.5kgs and retails for £220. It comes in a single colour option of black. 

Airspace Back Panel, Shoulder Straps & Hydration Sleeve

In Use

The early part of the year in the Peak District shifted from a wet spring to a very hot spell of summery weather.  This has combined nicely with the later evenings to give great riding weather.  Perfect for testing everything in this pack from waterproofing to hot weather ventilation! So, let’s dive into this Osprey Raptor Pro Pack Review and see how it faired.


Being a fan of fairly understated pack colour schemes, the black Raptor Pro works really well for me.  It looks stylish and, alongside any Osprey products we have tested, extremely well made.  The attention to design detail and construction quality shout out that this is a premium product.  


I was a little surprised Osprey are only offering this in one size and wondered how it would feel given that the back protector length was a key element of the pack.  In reality, it has felt great on my back from the first try on to after several hours on the bike.  I am 5’8” tall for reference.  It has also been worn by someone 6’1” and 5’4” and they have been happy with the fit and comfort.

It has also proved to be comfort even when carrying a full load.  The combination of AirScape back panel, winged shoulder harness and air mesh wrap hip belt work together perfectly.  The addition of a sternum strap further helps to keep you locked in securely.  

I have used the AirScape back panel on previous Osprey packs and really rate them.  They are supportive and firm enough to keep spiky items inside from protruding through.  They also work well at ventilation.  This is a tough call for a biking pack with solid pack panel, but the combination of the ribbed panel and mesh do a good job in most conditions  

Hydration Sleeve Opening & Carry Grab Handle

Fit & Stability

Besides comfort, a biking pack needs to be stable to ensure the rider’s balance isn’t affected.  Again, I have been really impressed with the Raptor Pro.  Even when loaded up with a fair bit of weight, it feels snug to the body and very stable.  I sometimes find hip belts rather restrictive and uncomfortable when biking, but this hip belt has certainly delivered.  I think the careful shaping and the mesh construction is a great combination.  

At 18 litres, the Raptor Pro offers a generous amount of storage.  But, through the addition of compression straps the capacity can be tailored and, even when it isn’t full, the load can be cinched down.  This is important for stability as you won’t have things moving around as you tackle challenging terrain.

Side Compression Straps


Diving more into the storage options, for a mountain biking pack good organisation is really helpful.  You will have the things you need at short notice and the items carried for that just in case situation.  There are also, inevitably, quite a few smaller items to carry.

Main Compartment

The main storage compartment opens with a large and chunky 2 way zipper.  It is easy to access and the compartment offers plenty of storage for everything from first aid kits to lunch to spares.  To aid organisation of smaller items there are sleeves built into the back of this section which are ideal for items like a pump, snack bars, spare tubes or a spare pair of gloves.  The central pocket is mesh and the sleeves on either side are nylon.  There is also a further zipped pocket sitting at the back of the main compartment.  This is ideal for smaller items such as a wallet or phone.  It also features a key clip.

Tool Roll

Tool Storage

Under the main compartment is a smaller zipped compartment designed to carry tools and spares.  Osprey include a detachable tool roll.  This allows simple organisation and quick and easy access to tools and spares.  It also keeps messy tools  away from the rest of your gear.  Even with the tool roll stored in here, there is still room in this pocket for some other smaller items too.  It is a well thought out and efficient design.  Osprey have also padded this pocket to protect the contents in the case of a tumble.

Padded Front Panel 

On the front of the Raptor Pro Osprey have a fully padded storage panel that can be used for storage. This is a clever design because it secures at the top with compression straps.  It can be locked tight for smaller items like a waterproof or a map.  Similarly, it can be expanded to become large enough to house a full face helmet.  It is a great addition and extremely useful.  It isn’t completely weatherproof, but is a quick and easy place to stash essentials.  I also really like that the panel is padded.  This protects the contents and yet also offers extra protection to the wearer.

Tool Roll Pocket

Elasticated Stash Pockets

On either side of this panel there are elasticated stash pockets.  These can be used for many items, but are designed to also hold knee or elbow pads.  This works really well and, although these pockets are particularly weatherproof, the mesh does aid ventilation when sweaty pads are stored here.  The pockets contents can also be well secured by pulling the side compression straps tight.  

Other storage

As well as all these options, Osprey have added a further pocket outside and at the top of the main compartment. This offers scratch free storage for sunglasses, goggles or small electronics.

Finally, there are pockets on the hip belt.  These offer on the go storage for all those essential small items.  This could be anything from suncream to snack bars to a compass.  These pockets are elasticated mesh and will hold a surprisingly large amount.  They are a great addition.

AirScape Back Panel

Hydration System Compatible

The Raptor Pro is hydration system compatible for up to a 2.5 litre reservoir.  There is no bladder supplied with the pack and I am rather surprised about that.  For a fully featured pack of this type I would have like to see one included.  If you are going to purchase one to use in the pack then I recommend an Osprey Hydraulics system.  We reviewed these here. 

That said, how does it perform?  The bladder slots into a purpose made zipped panel that sits at the back of the pack.  Then, as you zip the panel closed, the tube feeds easily out of the side.  It can then down the shoulder strap and, if you have a Hydraulics system, you can make use of the excellent magnet on the sternum strap to hold it securely in place.  It is an excellent design.  

D30 Back Protector

Back Protector

And so finally, what about the back protection?  The use of protection for bikers has seen a huge growth in recent years.  From full face helmets to knee and elbow pads.  Lots more riders have seen the benefits and make use of protection options.  

Back protectors have also been available for many years and are a commonly used safety device for lots of users including, amongst other groups, motor cyclists and ski racers.  Nowadays, far more bikers are also considering their benefits.   

The Raptor Pro features an integrated D30 BP4 CE level 1 protector.  These protectors work by absorbing and dissipating the energy from impacts, reducing the amount of force that gets transmitted to your body.  

Zipped Waist Belt Pocket

D30 is an industry leading producer of a range of impact protection products.  Their BP4 protection system offers impact protection in Level 1 or 2.  Level 1 protectors offer a lower level of protection than level 2, but have the increased flexibility and breathability needed for active sports. D30 say their Level 1 protector exceeds CE Level 1 certification.    

The BP4 is also designed to offer other characteristics essential for a protector of this type.  It is designed to be exceptionally soft, flexible and breathable.  D30 say it is the most breathable back protector on the market, delivering 34% more breathability than the next best competitor.

In use, you almost certainly won’t notice the protector is there.  It stays tucked away and will only be noticed if it needed.  I haven’t taken a tumble while wearing it and so can’t vouch for how likely it is to minimise or prevent back damage. But, having it on your side has to offer benefits over someone not wearing one.  Why not stack the odds in your favour?




Osprey have considered the inevitable rough and tumble of mountain biking in the choice of fabrics and levels of cushioning offered on the Raptor Pro.  210 denier fabrics will stand up to hard use while also offering the weather proofing needed for all year use.  So far the Pro has comfortably stood up to everything thrown at it with no concerns.  I have no reason not to expect a long life out of this pack.   


Osprey are industry leaders in sustainable manufacture and all their packs now feature recycled fabrics.  The Raptor Pro is made from Bluesign approved recycled nylon.  It also features a durable water repellant (DWR) treatment made without poly-fluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS).  Bluesign is an industry standard for sustainable manufacture and details about the scheme are available here.  

Internal Storage Pocket


Our Osprey Raptor Pro Pack review details a great mountain biking pack with the added benefit of back protection.  It has carefully considered mountain biking features and a comfortable and stable carrying harness.  It is also built with durability and sustainability in mind.   

The Raptor series are tried and tested models that have been put through their paces for many years.  The addition of an integrated level 1 protector improves an already great biking pack.  If you want a great load hauler with the benefits of back protection, the Raptor Pro is a really great option.  Full details on this pack are available on the Osprey website here.  

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