Olang Pegaso Tex OC Boots Review


Paul’s Olang Pegaso Tex OC Boots Review details a cleverly designed insulated winter boot with some very interesting features.  We hope you find it useful.

The Olang Brand

Before this Olang Pegaso Tex OC boots review, Olang was a brand I wasn’t familiar with.  I did some research to find out more.  It turns out they have been making footwear since 1990 and their products are now distributed worldwide.  With regard to their winter range they say they ‘create a beautiful range of footwear to be worn in a winter wonderland’.  Their winter range varies from classic snow boots to fashion boots and are now available in the UK.  They also produce a range of summer footwear.    


The Pegaso Tex OC is a classically styled men’s snow boot.  The upper is made from hydrophobic natural York leather and the boots feature a high protective PU rand. There is also an Olantex water resistant and breathable membrane and virgin wool insulating lining.  The boots feature a removable Isowarm insole and the fasten with a traditional lacing system where the laces are pulled through substantial metal loops. Olang give the Pegaso Tex OC footbed a comfort rating of -30 Degrees Celsius.

The sole is a deeply lugged Vibram unit designed to offer confidence inspiring grip on snowy terrain.  However, there is actually more to the sole unit than this.  The Pegaso Tex also features Olang’s OC anti-slip system.  This is a mechanism built into the sole to provide extra grip and stability on ice and snow.  By flipping plastic plates in the fore foot and heel a series of metal spikes is activated.  This can be done by hand, but Olang also provide a ‘key’ to make the action very simple.


In Use

Firstly, the Pegaso Tex OC is a great looking boot.  It has dark tan leather that looks really good quality and beautifully crafted.  Then, a broad PU rand stretches around the boot to offer waterproofing and protection.  The lacing system is simple, stylish and practical.  The laces thread through solid metal buckle loops making them simple to operate with gloves on or in challenging weather.

Olang describe this model as a short boot,  but they are really a similar height to others I have used. The height is certainly enough to cope with most snow conditions.  You could wear them with trouser ends over the top or with your pants tucked in.  Either works. 

Comfort & Insulation

Stepping into the Pegaso Tex OC’s feels like wrapping your feet in a warm woollen blanket.  The insulation is substantial and the boots offer a very comfortable feel.  As mentioned above,  Olang use virgin wool insulation.  They did feel quite tight when I first pulled them on, but over time the lining has moulded comfortably around the foot.  They are now actually like a custom fit.


The natural York leather looks to be of a high quality and has stood up to use really well so far. I have protected it with Nikwax proofing and this has kept out any moisture. If needed, Olang have also added their Olantex water resistant and breathable membrane. You can expect these boots to shrug off snow, slush and water with ease.

Sole Unit

The Olang Tex OC sole is a deeply lugged Vibram unit.  It makes short work of walking on snowy or muddy surfaces.  I also always consider a key feature of off-road slippy surface boots or shoes to be a stepped sole unit.  The Olang sole certainly benefits from a chunky heel step. There are also channels to allow snow or slush to be pushed out at the sides of the sole. I assume this is a specific design feature similar to the channels you get on winter vehicle tyres.

OC System

But,  the Slang Tex OC doesn’t just rely on the sole lugs.  These boots have another significant trick up their sleeve.  When you look at the sole unit there is a plastic section incorporated into the front and heel sections. In normal use this doesn’t affect use in any way.  However, there is more to these plastic sections.  By using a finger you can hook under the plastic pieces and pull them down.  

They then pivot over and on the underside a series of metal spikes are incorporated into the plastic.  These pieces can then be snapped into place with the spikes pointing downwards. By doing this you have just added a set of mini crampons to each foot.

The OC System In Use  

It’s a really clever idea, but only of benefit if it works of course.  The upshot is that it works really well. It is quite easy to flick the plastic frame with a finger, but the ‘key’ provided with the boots makes this a much simpler task. The key also comes into its own if the boot sole lugs are clogged with snow or mud. Just to also mention that I have found myself forgetting to take the key, but a car key will do the job just about as well.

In use, the OC system works superbly on hard packed snow or icy surfaces. The spikes are small enough to not get in the way and yet long enough to be effective. There won’t be so much benefit in much deeper snow, but in this context the sole itself will be enough. In other situations they work exactly as designed.

The plastic plates that hold the spikes do need to pivot and one question could be how durable this mechanism would be over time. I can’t by any stretch claim this is a long term review, but from use over the last few months I have seen no evidence this system won’t stand up to long term use. Olang do also sell replacements if they become damaged or lost.

Other Features

Other details are effective and well thought out. There are lugs on the back of the boots to allow them to be eased off using the toe of the other boot. I think this is essential in boots of this type. There are also reflective tabs on the back of each boot to aid visibility from behind. Finally, the bellows tongue seals up to near the top of the boots for waterproofing.



My Olang Pegaso Tex OC Boots review highlights a great option for many winter adventures.  They make a great apres ski option just as much as they work for everyday cold weather activities.  The boots also have all the features needed to keep feet warm and dry.  They will also certainly keep you on your feet due to the deeply lugged sole and innovative OC system.    

The boots will also stand up to tough treatment.  They are beautifully made and the burly materials and solid construction will shrug off challenging conditions just as they will last for many seasons.  Finally, the Pegaso Tex OC is a great looking boot.  You’ll look good in the resort streets, but you also won’t look out of place enjoying evening drinks in the bar.  

Full details about the Pegaso Tex OC are available on the Olang website here.  The boots cost £180.  Olang do have a range of women’s boots too.  The short video below shows the OC mechanism in action.

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