Nalgene SUSTAIN Drink Bottles

Nalgene SUSTAIN Drink Bottles

We were excited to hear that Nalgene have just released their 50% recycled content Nalgene SUSTAIN drink bottles range. The same great indestructible bottles. Just more sustainable. Here is all the news.

Nalgene created its first reusable water bottle in a New York laboratory way back in 1949.  The brand is now firmly established as a market leader. Every outdoor person will be familiar with their iconic 1 litre wide neck bottle. Most of us probably have at least one in our gear cupboard?

Hard Wearing Functionality

Nalgene bottles are known for hard wearing no nonsense functionality.  The seal is ultra reliable and the bottles are extremely durable. They are also simple to fill and to drink from.  Boiling water can be used in them without issue and they can be packed easily into a rucksack. Given how long they last, they also represent superb value for money. You might even use them for the Sleeping Bag Pre Heater which featured as one of our Top Tips here.

Tritan Renew Resin

Perhaps the only thing holding Nalgene bottles back over recent years has been their manufacture from non sustainable material. That barrier has now been overcome.  Nalgene’s new SUSTAIN range features Tritan Renew resin.  The new bottles, as well as being BPA/BPS phthalate free, also feature 50% recycled content.  This is equivalent to 8 single use plastic bottles. The bottles continue to be odour and taste resistant.

Tritan Renew offers a revolutionary recycling technology which transforms single use waste into durable materials.  This offsets the use of fossil fuels and lowers greenhouse gas emissions. Triton Renew uses a unique process to break down waste plastic into its basic chemical building blocks.  This produces plastic material that can be recycled again and again.

The Journey Will Continue

This is a brilliant step forward. The brand is focussed on eventually achieving 100% recycled content, but want to ensure their products continue to meet their extreme durability criteria.  The SUSTAIN journey will continue when the technology allows.  Nalgene continue to stand firmly behind their products with their life time guarantee.

Nature Inspired Colours

Nalgene SUSTAIN drink bottles are available in seven nature inspired colours with the 1 litre option available in wide or narrow mouth options.  Retail price is £14.99.  A 500 ml bottle retailing at £12.99 will be launched in November.  Bravo Nalgene. Details are available on the First Ascent website here.