Leki Rubic 3D Gloves Review


Our Leki Rubic 3D Gloves Review explores a high quality glove compatible with Leki Trigger S or Trigger 3D pole system.  We really hope you find it useful.  


Leki are known worldwide for their extensive pole collection.  Whether for hillwalking, skiing, mountaineering or running, Leki have poles for all types of users.  Alongside that, and probably less known, they also make gloves.  They have options for different activities and a lot of their range also features their Trigger System.

The system offers the user a direct connection to their pole by locking the wrist leash into a clip system integrated into the pole grip.  We have been using this system for skiing for many years and wouldn’t choose anything else.  More recently, Leki have also introduced the Trigger 3D system and we have recently reviewed the Spitfire 3D pole which features the 3D mechanism.  

You can connect to the Leki Trigger poles via the leash that comes included with the poles.  Alternatively, many of Leki’s gloves feature a built in system that allows the user to connect direct from glove to pole.  Our Leki Rubic 3D Gloves Review explores such a glove.  We really hope you find it useful.




The Rubic 3D is part of Leki’s Classic Collection.  The Classics are designed for free ride skiing although, as we’ll explore later, we think it also has wider skiing applications.  The upper and palm are made from 100% premium goat leather.  This should make them extremely durable, but also makes them very smooth (good for snow shedding) and pleasant to the touch.  

There is a layer of Primaloft Gold insulation and the lining is made from a 100% polyester described by Leki as Micro Bemberg.  Leki offer a warmth rating for their gloves and define the Rubic 3D as ‘extra warm’.  

Comfort Fit

Rubic 3D’s feature what Leki call a comfort fit.  By this, they deliberately aim for these gloves to be a fairly roomy fit.  This, they suggest,  gives the gloves off the shelf comfort and keeps the hands warmer.  The fit is also aided by what Leki call ‘finger waves’ which is a stitched pattern on the back of the finger pockets.   There is a velcro closure at the wrist allowing micro fit adjustability.

Trigger System Compatible

The Rubic’s are compatible with any of Leki’s Trigger S pole systems, but are optimised for their 3D pole system. To find out more about the 3D system please read our Spitfire 3D pole review here.  The clue to this on the gloves is the sewn in loop positioned in the crook between the thumb and index finger. 

Other Details

The gloves are available in sizes 6-11 and are available in either a 2 tone tan and off-white colour scheme or the dark grey (graphite) and off-white colours tested.  They retail for 125 euros (which equates to about £107).



In Use

Classic Styling

Firstly, Let us look at the style of the Rubic 3D.  Leki describe it as a classic style glove that combines the style of gloves from the past with today’s cutting edge technology. In our opinion the styling is great.  The twin colour way in colours that combine together well really suits the glove.  We haven’t seen the other colour option in the flesh, but in photos that looks great too.

Subtle Features

Other than that, the Rubic’s have simple and subtle features.  There is the wave stitching on the back of the fingers and a Leki logo on the back of each glove and Leki branding at the side.  Finally, the simple elasticated adjuster at the top finishes off the style features nicely.   The design of the Rubic 3D is subtle and yet stylish.  We really like their look.

True To Size Fit

The fit of the Rubic 3D’s is, we have found, true to size.  For example, Paul is normally a size 9 in other makes and the ordered Rubic’s fitted really well at that size.  They are, as Leki describe, a comfort fit.  That is, there is a bit of space inside.  This can be a really good thing on colder days as having your gloves too tight can restrict blood flow and can compress the insulation.  Having a bit of space may also allow a pair of liner gloves to be worn inside. This can be a benefit in some conditions.

Off The Shelf Comfort

Leki say the combination of the comfort fit and the finger waves gives the feeling of broken in and off the shelf comfort.  This will also always be helped by materials like the premium quality goat leather.  We certainly agree that these gloves feel great from the first try on.  Of course,  the beauty of leather is also that they gradually feel better and better as they get used more.  The application of leather wax helps with this too.  Interestingly, for a premium product Leki don’t provide any leather wax with the gloves.  We always use Nikwax leather proof anyway, but it would be nice if some were offered as other premium brands do.



The Rubic 3D doesn’t have a waterproof membrane.  This certainly isn’t a problem in freezing conditions, but is worth bearing in mind if you are in wetter weather.  Adding waterproofing wax to the leather will significantly improve weatherproofing (and is essential for keeping the leather in good condition), but it has its limitations.  In all the winter conditions we have tested these gloves in there has been no problem with water ingress, but we wanted to be upfront about the conditions they will best suit.   

Warmth Level

Leki describe the Rubic 3D’s warmth level as extra warm.  The combination of leather, Micro Bemburg lining and Primaloft Gold insulation should ensure this is the case.  We have used these gloves in -10 Degrees Celsius so far and, even when quite static, the Rubic’s have felt toasty.  When working hard on the slopes, we have at times found the gloves even too warm. As always, it will depend on your physiology and activity level and other temperature and weather factors, but they are certainly a high warmth level glove. 

Trigger System

And so, we come to a unique feature of these (and many other Leki models) Leki gloves.  That is, their ability to integrate with any of Leki’s Trigger S or Trigger 3D poles.  To understand how these marry together, please do have a read of our review of the Spitfire Vario 3D Poles here.  We have also tested various other models of Leki poles that feature the Trigger S system and there are links to some of those at the bottom of this review.

Explained simply, the Trigger system is a spring loaded quick attach and release mechanism that connects the gloves to the poles (or it can be used with the leashes that Leki supply with their Trigger system poles).  To connect the gloves you simply slot the loop on the gloves into the connector on the poles.  It is then locked in place.

Secure & Reliable

This provides a secure and reliable attachment and also ensures your can drive the power straight through the pole.  This works really well.  If you are jumping onto a ski lift you may want to detach the glove from the pole.  It is also worth mentioning that for some activities, such as ski touring, you may want to have the freedom to move your hand up or down the pole handle to account for terrain angle.  With the Trigger system you will need to detach yourself from the poles if you want this flexibility. 


Fortunately, this is a very simple operation too.  When you want to detach yourself from the poles, you just press the button on top of the poles and lift your hand.  You are detached.  This makes it extremely simple to disconnect yourself whenever you wish.  It soon becomes intuitive and only takes a second.  It is also important that you are detached from the pole in a fall or, if the worst happens, you are caught in an avalanche.  That shouldn’t be a problem as Leki have built in a release mechanism.


The gloves appear to be really well made and, although we haven’t use them long enough to discuss long duration durability, they certainly seem built to last. But one obvious high wear point must be the Trigger 3D clip in loop. This must take a lot of punishment even in normal wear, but when force is applied (such as in a fall), it would be easy to imagine very significant forces coming through this section of the glove.

Leki have beefed it up with some reinforcement stitching around the loop, but you wonder if even that is enough. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. Inside the glove there is additional reinforcements to ensure the connection is up to the job. The video below is well worth a watch as it explains this design feature in more detail. It also shows how the gloves can handle the forces generated through a safety release.

Plenty of Experience

We have used the Leki system in various forms for well over a decade.  The system gets better and better with the 3D variant being the current state of the art system.  However, this is the first time we have used Leki gloves with the built in Trigger system attachment built in.  While the leashes that come with Leki Trigger poles works well enough, this system is especially good.  It takes away the faff of having a separate leash and offers a really clean lines connection between glove and poles.  It also looks very cool.  



Our Leki Rubic 3D Gloves Review features a great pair of high performance, stylish and very warm pair of gloves.  If you bought them for that reason alone you wouldn’t be disappointed.  But, they also happen to feature the special benefits of direct connection to the Leki Trigger system.  They connect directly, effortlessly and efficiently.  They are great.  We have loved putting the Rubic 3D’s to the test and will continue skiing with them with real pleasure.  We hope you will like them too.  

The Leki 3D system is explained really well in the video below.  You can also find full details on the Rubic 3D’s on the Leki website here.

We really hope you have found our Leki Rubic 3D Gloves Review useful.  As mentioned in the review, we have previously reviewed a range of other Leki poles.  Please check out our Sherpa FX Strong review here, our Ultratrail FX.one review here and our Makalu FX Carbon review here.  We also regularly review a broad range of other products and they are all available on our blog review section here.  We hope you find them useful.