Klattermusen Hugin Sweater Review


Our Klattermusen Hugin Sweater Review explores a versatile mid-layer with innovative features and fabrics.  Please read on to find out more.  

Who Are Klattermusen?

Klattermusen are a brand who, although they may be unfamiliar to those in the UK, are extremely well established and well respected in Sweden.  Since 1975 they have been producing innovative products with a very strong commitment to sustainability.  It is great to see they now have a firm foothold and growing user base over here.  We have been delighted to work with Klattermusen for a number of years.  We love working with brands whose ethos reflects our own and Klattermusen couldn’t be more closely aligned.


Klattermusen have designed the Hugin for fast paced activities like Alpine mountaineering and trekking.  We have tested it for both and it has also been a trusted companion for colder weather climbing.  However, it should also be noted that it is certainly stylish enough for leisure wear too – it has had more than a few visits to some of our local pubs, cafe and restaurants.  The Hugin is a very versatile layer.  So, with plenty of use under our belt, we have plenty to share about the this garment.  Please read our Klattermusen Hugin Sweater Review to find out more.



Klattermusen styling is always interesting and the Hugin is no exception.  On first viewing you will notice the 2 tone fabric construction, offset front zip, detail triangle shape on the centre of the front and weave texture to some of the fabrics.  There is a lot of interesting design detail in this top. 


There are reasons for that.  The two tone colour scheme is there because the Hugin is made from 2 main fabrics.  The majority is made from a fabric called Norna.  This is a blend of 43% Polyester, 40% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester and 17% Merino Wool.  The recycled content meets the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).  The fabric weight is 210 g/m2.

Why have Klattermusen chosen this fabric blend?  Well, although we are describing the Hugin as a mid-layer, Klattermusen say the fabric is soft and comfortable enough to be used as a base layer too.  The Merino Wool and Polyester combination offers both comfort and moisture wicking and so you can choose whether you have it next to the skin or use it on top of a baselayer..

The other fabric used is a layer of lightweight Windstretch.  It is made from 85% Ultramid Biomass  Balanced Polyamide combined with 15% Elastane.  It is 159 g/m2.  Windstretch is a windproof fabric placed over the chest area and on the sides of the hood.  The aim of these panels is to allow wind proofing in key areas without compromising breathability.  

Wear Protection

Klattermusen have added reinforcements to the higher wear area at the elbows and accounted for comfort and wear when carrying a rucksack by making the shoulder area seamless. The hood is designed to fit snugly so it can be worn under a helmet.  It has an elasticated edge piping to seal it well around the face.

Zipper Design      

The full length two way front zipper is offset.  By that I mean it travels vertically up the torso but curves towards the top.  This allows it to curve away from the face and neck and so avoids chafing around the neck and chin. 


Two high zippered side pockets can be used either for hand warming or for storage.  They are positioned to avoid interference with a climbing harness or rucksack straps.  The dark triangle you will notice on the front is actually a reflective patch added for visibility.  There are also reflective tabs on the lower hem edge of the back.

The Hugin is available in 2 colours.  There is the Monkshood Blue colour tested and Raven.  It weighs  415 grams for a men’s medium and retails for £209.


In Use


For this Klattermusen Hugin Sweater Review I first wanted to consider the styling.  As stated above, the design of the Hugin is distinctive.  I have now come to expect quirky design for Klattermusen and this is no exception.  I really like the 2 tone colours, offset zip and central dark triangle.  Hopefully you will too.  The blue colour tested Monkshood Blue is also really nice.  It will serve really well as a technical layer and yet is certainly stylish enough for general leisure wear.    


The feel of the fabrics is great.  It feels very soft and yet cosy.  It isn’t anything like standard fleece. I would describe the feel as luxurious.  The same applies when you pull the Hugin on.  The fit is true to size (I tested a size medium) and the top sits really comfortably.  Whether worn with a base layer (as I usually have), or next to the skin, it feels great.


The fit I would describe as comfortably snug.  It is designed to be slim fitting and this is a good description.  The stretch of the fabric ensures it isn’t restrictive and perfect for active sports, but a close fit also makes it ideal for layering.  


Insulation & Windproofing

Fleece type fabrics make a great insulating fabric and yet offer very little wind resistance.  By adding panels of Windstretch Klattermusen have significantly broadened the usability.  They have thought carefully about the most practical areas and it has proved really efficient for breezy rock climbing sessions. 

The Windstretch fabric is also durable and so adds a level of extra protection to areas that might be prone to wear.  This has been appreciated when thrutching up climbs.  As a gritstone climber I have also valued the addition of reinforcement patches on the elbows.  It has all held up well to lots of climbing adventures.

Zip Design

The zip design works really well.  Klattermusen are the first brand I have used with a curved zip and, having tried it for a while, I can really see the benefits.  The zip lies away from the face and yet operates effortlessly and provides the protection needed.  It also looks quirky and stylish. 

In a market where lots of clothing follows a similar design style,  with details like this it is great to see Klattermusen forging their own path.  It is interesting that Klattermusen have added a two way zipper to the Hugin.  I can’t imagine using it much and yet I suppose for ventilation and easy access it has its place.


The hood is great.  It fits snugly and isn’t prone to being whipped off by the wind.  It is also easy to fit under a helmet.  I wondered if the windproof panels would be like wearing ear mufflers, but in fact they haven’t been a problem at all.  They work really well.  

What else?  

Well the reflective tabs are a nice safety addition.  You wouldn’t realise what they were unless you knew – or shined a light at them.  Klattermusen have also added their distinctive zipper pulls cords and their logo sits proudly embroidered on the chest.



Our Klattermusen Hugin Sweater Review details a stylish and functional mid layer with excellent build quality and fantastic attention to detail.  There are design features that add a quirkiness and nothing has been skipped in making the Hugin the best product it can be.  It is also great that Klattermusen have featured a proportion of recycled fabrics that meet the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).  If you are looking for a top quality mid layer that will stand out in a crowd please do consider the Hugin.  You won’t be disappointed.  Full details on the Hugin can be found on the Klattermusen website here.  

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