Klattermusen Hugin Pants Review


Our Klattermusen Hugin Pants Review explores a practical and sustainably constructed multi-activity pant from a prestigious Scandinavian manufacturer. 


Having reviewed a range of Klattermusen products over the last few years, I have become accustomed to the quirky designs and attention to detail they bring to their clothing and rucksacks.  Nothing I have tried so far has failed to impress.  So, when I was asked to review some of their Hugin Pants I was very happy to help.  Please read my Klattermusen Hugin Pants review to find out more.


The Hugin Pants are designed, as Klattermusen state, for ‘mobility in climbing and bouldering’.  As this is my bread and butter activity, I was really keen to see how they performed this specific brief.  However, it also soon became clear that they actually suit a much broader range of activity.  In testing them I have also used them for running and trips to the gym.  They are really going to work anytime you want an unfussy and stretchy pant with good durability and excellent freedom of movement.


The Hugin is made from Norna fabric.  This is a soft and quick drying fabric that feels rather like cotton.  However, there is a lot more to it that initial inspection reveals.  Norna is a fabric combining hydrophobic and hydrophilic components.  The hydrophilic base of the yarn is wool.  This creates warmth and and absorbs moisture from the body.  Then, the hydrophobic top layer pulls moisture away from the body.

Alongside the main Norna fabric, Klatterrmusen have also added flexible WindStretch material at the knees and seat.  This is to add durability without restricting movement or breathability.

The composition of Norna is 43% Polyester, 40% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester and 17% Merino Wool. WindStretch is made from 85% Ultramid bio-mass balanced Polyamide and 15% Elastane.

The other key performance element is a structured knit construction that builds air close to the body.  Klattermusen say this ensures quicker drying and higher warmth without needing chemical treatments.

Other Features

The Hugin is designed to be a simple and functional garment.  So, the features are fairly minimal.  There is an elastic waistband with drawcord.  Two open hand pockets at the sides.  There is webbing below the handpocket to allow a hold brush to be carried and a reflective triangle at the knee.  The bottom of the Hugin’s has an elasticated hem and a diamond gusset at the crutch is added to allow freedom of movement. 

A men’s large weighs 375 grams and the Hugin Pants retail for £159.  They are available in four colours.  There is the mustard/raven colour tested.  There is also Midnight Blue, Monkshood Blue and Raven.  The Hugin pants are also available in a women’s version.  

In Use


The Hugin pants definitely follow Klattermusen’s trend for unique and quirky design.  The pants I tested came in a nice mustard colour, but with contrasting patches on the knees and seat in what I think is Klattermusen’s raven colour.  It is a bold and yet appealing look.  If you wanted a less noticeable contrast between the types of fabric you could choose something like the raven colour.


I chose a size medium and, for my 30/32” waist and 5’8” height they work really well.  You don’t really need an exact leg length on these as the elasticated hem keeps allows them to sit comfortably at the foot if they are a little long for you. The fit, I would say, is comfortable and yet not too roomy.  This suits really well for a climbing focussed pant.  Especially, that is, when the fabric offers complete freedom of movement.  



Norna fabric, as mentioned above, is a very soft and very luxurious feeling material.  It is also, due to the structured knit construction, quite a textured fabric.  It actually feels very comfortable to the touch and is very comfortable to wear. 

As mentioned above,  these pants have so far mainly been tested for climbing, bouldering and running, but all in the colder months of the years.  They offer a mid level amount of insulation but it is important too note that the open weave of the material doesn’t offer much level of windproofing.  I did wear the Hugin’s for one breezy and cold day of Peak District bouldering and soon wished I had worn something different.  That said, in still and chilly conditions they work really well.

Other Features

The Hugin’s have the features you need without being over complicated.  The drawcord elastic waist is ideal for easy on/off and easy adjustment.  It also works great with a climbing harness as it is so low profile.  Having side pockets is useful on a chilly day.  Do bear in mind, though, that as they don’t secure closed you need to be careful what you store in them. 

The addition of a tab to hold a bouldering brush is an interesting addition.  In principle this seems like a useful feature and yet I can’t in terms of safety, recommend using this to hold a brush while bouldering.  My concern is that, should you fall onto this on a hard surface, it is possible you would get impaled.  Even if not,  you might at least end up with a very painful landing.  In other circumstances where you would fall into space I can’t see it being a problem.  



I have deliberately tried to give these a tough test and so over the last few months they have been my regular bouldering and climbing pants.  This has included lots of wall visits along with sessions on the local gritstone crags.  I have been very impressed with the Norna fabric.  So far, it has stood up to some rough treatment with ease.  In fact, so far it still; looks as good as new.  Due to the knitted construction of the fabric there are a few points where strands pulled out from the normal weave pattern, but these could easily be pulled back in line.  


Klattermusen prides itself on its sustainability credentials and the Hugin’s fit that picture perfectly.  They aren’t constructed of 100% recycled materials, but a significant proportion of the fabric composition is.  The product meets the requirements of the Global Recycled Standard.  Please do check out details on this here.   



My Klattermuseen Hugin Pants review details a high performance and very comfortable climbing pant that has the fit and durability to perform well.  The designers have carefully considered the needs of climbers and boulderers and that is evident in the features and fabrics used.

The design of the Hugin has certainly divided opinion with the friends I have shown them too, but they certainly offer a unique and interesting take with the contrasting knee and seat patch and knitted construction.  What this construction does also mean is that the Hugin’s are extremely comfortable and they offer fantastic freedom of movement.  There might be lots of reasons why you fail on your next bouldering project, but if it is Hugin’s you are wearing they won’t be the reason you can’t send!  Full details on the Hugin pants are available via the Klattermusen website here.  

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