Klattermusen Bestla Anorak Review


Our Klattermusen Bestla Anorak Review details a versatile sustainable windproof hoody from this prestigious Swedish manufacturer.

We’ve also included details of Klattermusen’s new Crafted For Life campaign (and links some lovely videos and info on their website). We do have a watch of the videos and we really hope you find our Bestla review useful.


Over the last few years I have been privileged to test a number of products from Klattermusen. Every garment is still serving me well.  I have become very fond of their dialled and yet quirky designs and really rate their attention to detail and high quality manufacture.  I also applaud Klattermusen’s industry leading sustainability credentials.  

With all this in mind, I was excited to complete this Klattermusen Bestla Anarok Review.  I hope the following information is of use if you are looking for a soft, warm, durable and highly versatile windproof jacket.  Oh, and one with some interesting design details!

Crafted For Life Campaign

Klattermusen has been creating pioneering mountaineering equipment since 1975 and each season they focus their attention on campaigns linked to their ethos and beliefs. We always look forward to their new campaigns as they have a lovely feel and are always inspirational. This season’s is no exception.

Their new campaign is called ‘Crafted For Life’. It centres around finding inspiration from those who have crafted a skill that helps them keep pushing the boundaries in the outdoors as well as in their private life. It has a calm Scandinavian feel along with stunning visuals and create that ‘I need to be out in the outdoors right now’ feeling.

Anne Moen & Lars Lassen

Through two lovely videos Klattermusen share the stories of Anne Moen and Lars Lassen. Anne hails from the mountain plateau of Hardangervidda (an area we know well from our regular visits to Norway). It is also bordered by the town of Rjukan which many might know as the famous site of the WW2 attack on the Heavy Water plant. We wrote about this here and here.

Anne is a multi-instrumentalist. She can play by ear and since childhood has explored whatever instrument crosses her path. The film explores how, just as a musician must assess what note will come next, a mountaineer needs to read and assess the signs a mountain provides. It is a heart warming and beautiful film. We have linked to it below.

The second film is about Lars. He moved from a turbulent time as a business developer to following his passion for the mountains as a guide. He is also a passionate advocate of meditation as a means of self-control and draws that inspiration into his mountain life. Please check out his film below.

Please also find out further information about the Crafted For Campaign on the Klattermusen website here.


Intended Use

The Bestla is designed to offer windproof insulation for varied activities.  Klattermusen mention trail hiking and trekking, but it would actually be suitable for much more.  It is designed for freedom of movement and to add sufficient insulation to avoid the need for a base layer.  There are lots of cold weather situations where this combination is ideal. 


The Bestla has a 2 layer construction.  The outer layer is 2 way stretch WindStretch soft shell fabric.  Windstretch is a biomass polyamide mixed with 3% elastane. The inner layer is a mesh fabric made from hydrophobic Primaloft fibres. This is the first biodegradable and recycled insulation fabric available.

Klattermusen have specifically paired these materials to maximise wind resistance, flexibility, breathability and a light layer of insulation. They have also chosen WindStretch for it’s durability.



I was sent a size medium and in Klattermusen products this is normally perfect for my 38” chest. I would say the Bestla is a roomy fit on me, but this suits the garment and also allows for layering if needed. It isn’t too bulky to fit under a shell garment.    

Design Details

Klattermusen always seem to add an interesting take on the design of their products.  The Bestla is no exception.  At heart it is a simple hooded pullover, but with other details and design features. 

The first thing you will notice at the front is a slanted zipper.  This allows for easy on and off whilst allowing good ventilation.  Then, when you need to cosy down against the elements, it can be zipped up to offer good neck and lower face protection.  

But there is another benefit.  The offset position of the zip means it sits clear of the face when fastened.  This is a design feature I have experienced on several other Klattermusen tops and insulating layers and I really like it.



The zipper integrates really well with the hood.  Klattermusen describe the hood as a ‘3D-adjustable hood’ which I take to mean it offers adjustability in several plains.  This is achieved by a combination of a rear volume adjustment cord and the front zip closure.  The result of cinching up the drawcord and sealing up the front zipper is a well sealed cocoon of a hood.  I have also tried the hood with a climbing helmet underneath and, although snug, it fits fine (this was tested with a Petzl Sirocco helmet).

Other Features

On the front of the Bestla there are two zippered hand warmer pockets.  There is an adjustable bottom hem and the sleeves have elasticated cuffs.  These all work exactly as expected, but just to mention that I really like the elasticated sleeve cuff design. It seals really well, looks good and can be used with gloves over the top or, if the gloves aren’t too bulky at the wrist, the cuff will seal over them.  

Finally, Klattermusen have added reflective triangles at the front and rear for night time visibility and a rear hang tab. The Bestla Anorak is part of a range of Bestla products that also includes pants. Besides the dark red (Burnt Russet) colour tested, the Bestla is also available in blue (Blue Sapphire), green (Dusty Green) and grey/black (Raven). The men’s size large has a stated weight of 550 grams and retails for £259.  


In Use

I have used the Bestla throughout a Peak District autumn and it has also served time in very snowy early winter conditions in Snowdonia.  It has been used for hillwalking, Peak District cragging and bouldering sessions.

I have also deliberately worn it for some fell runs in variable conditions.  I would say that it is rather a warm option for running in anything but frigid conditions, but this was a good chance to vary its usage.  So, what can I report from these tests for this Klattermusen Bestla Anorak Review? 


Use For Different Activities

For trekking and hiking the Bestla is great. The combination of an insulated and windproof top suits so many situations. But, there is more to it than that. The breathability of the fabrics means that you can wear the anorak for longer and in a wider range of situations.

When trekking you will be generating more heat when slogging up slope and so your top needs to breathe well and vent well. Then, when once at the top of the hill you need to stay warm until you start generating heat through exertion again. The Bestla can cope really well with that variety. The same applies for high output sports in cold conditions like winter mountain biking.

Similarly, but for different reasons, the Bestla makes a great top for stop and go activities like chilly day climbing. The light insulation and wind proofing are just what you need at a breezy crag.  The freedom of movement offered by the stretchy fabric allow athletic climbing movements. It is also worth mentioning that the pocket position doesn’t interfere with a climbing harness. At the top of the climb you can pull the hood up and seal yourself in from the wind while belaying. It all works really well.


I can’t comment too much on the durability of the Bestla.  In the testing for this Klattermusen Bestla Anorak Review I have scraped it on several gritstone climbs without concern, but time will tell about the long term.  Having said that, it certainly shows the signs that the WindStretch outer fabric will serve you well over many years of adventure.

I’m looking forward to testing the top for things like ski touring later in the winter.  Put simply, there are so many times where the feature set of the Bestla will work for you.  It is a very versatile option.

Collar & Hood

A final mention to the hood and collar.  I thinks they are exceptional.  You can vent or you can seal yourself in – both in an instant.  The offset zip keeps things comfortable and the cuffs and hem allow fast and efficient adjustment.  You will soon get to love your Bestla.    



The Bestla has proved to be another great addition to the Kiattermusen range.  In a time when most outdoor people are partaking in various activities and at different times of the year, the Bestla is a versatile addition that you will call on time and time again.

It performs well in colder conditions, is durable and has just the features needed for a practical lightly insulated wind proof.  It is also made with Klattermusen’s attention to detail and design flair.  Of course, it being made from recycled content fabrics is also a significant factor. I’ve really enjoyed completing this Klattermusen Bestla Anorak review and highly recommend it.

Full details on the Bestla and the rest of Kalttermusen’s range are available on their website here. The video below also explains some more details about the Bestla range.

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