HydroFlask #RefillForGood Campaign

The evidence against the use of single use plastic is as clear as crystal.  In 1950 the world’s population produced 1.5 million tons and yet in 2016 it was over 320 million tons (despite a population increase of only 3 times).

Infact, half of all plastics ever manufactured have been made in the last 15 years.  It is a shocking statistic.

But the good news is that every reduction in our personal plastic consumption will make a difference and the benefits go well beyond helping the environment…. 

  • Buying bottled water is 2,000 times most expensive than drinking tap water.  Infact, 90% of the cost of bottled water comes from the cost of producing the bottle
  • Just one person switching to using a reusable water bottle means approximately 217 plastic bottles will be saved from going to landfill that year
  • Bottled water is tested for microbes and other pollutants 4x less than tap water
  • Blind taste tests consistently find most people cannot differentiate between tap water and bottled water
  • Various studies have shown that a high percentage of bottled water contains chemicals or pollutants. One study found that 93% of the bottles tested showed some signs of micro plastic contamination
  • Although reusing plastic bottles may help offset some of the environmental impacts, it may also pose long term risks including toxins leaching from the plastic
  • Plastic water bottles designed for single use are designed to be used only up to room temperature and so they aren’t ideal for hot drinks or may be harmful if left in a hot place

Which leads us nicely to Hydro Flask bottles. We make no secret that we are huge fans of HydroFlask products have been proud to use their products and welcome them as sponsors of our litter collection campaigns.  Their products work superbly, look awesome, are insulated and, of course, are long term reusable.

We also massively value Hydroflask’s environmental efforts.  Ongoing campaigns like their Parks For All initiative and their support for grass roots environmental charities are inspirational.  

With that in mind, they are clearly on a roll and we are delighted to share news of their new #RefillForGood campaign.  Refill For Good invites consumers to work together in protecting and preserving green spaces through achievable actions such as choosing reusable alternatives.

Hydro Flask are assembling an all-star team of Refill For Good Advocates committed to removing single-use plastics from our environment.  UK ambassador Laura Sanderson, for example, is analysing water samples for micro-plastics collected while she swims nearly 1,000 km through all 15 of the UK’s national parks. You can find her at @WildWelshSwimmer on Instagram. 

A brilliant idea to raise awareness and we really hope you will help share the journey through the HydroFlask website and via their FB page and the #RefillForGood hashtag.  Oh, and watch out later this week as we have a fantastic HydroFlask giveaway coming up.