Hooded Jacket Rucksack Storage

Our latest top tip shares a simple idea for hooded jacket rucksack storage. It’s a quick and simple way to protect your jacket and keep the inside of your pack neat and organised. We really hope you find it useful.

The inside of your pack can be carnage. Maybe there are spiky crampons or climbing hardware that risk damaging your soft goods. Maybe that banana might get squished and your clothes will be smeared with banana entrails. Perhaps you just want to create a bit more space.

Even if you don’t face any of those hazards, it is always good to be able to pull the item you need easily from the inside of your pack efficiently. After all, when you need a shell as that rain blows in….you really need a shell.

Whatever the reason, or maybe because of all of them, our latest top tip will help. It’s a simple storage idea and only takes a few seconds to execute. Your jacket will be protected and it makes a neat and compact package. We do this every time. Our hooded jacket rucksack storage idea works for anything with a hood. Your soft-shell or fleece will love it just as much as your Gucci Gore-Tex hard shell.

It is also worth saying that you can usually store your over trousers in the hood too. We also do this a lot. You simply roll your pants up like a Swiss Roll (remember those?!) and then it is easy to tuck inside the hood alongside your jacket. This ensures your whole waterproof suit of armour is together and ready for rapid deployment.

The video below shows you how quick and simple it is. We really hope you find it useful. Oh, and if you’ve found this handy you are obviously a fan of neat storage. In that case our trekking pole storage tip here will also be of interest.