Hiplok Z Lok Security Ties

Hiplok Z Lok Security Ties

Hiplok Z Lok Security Ties are a simple solution for temporary or lower risk securing of bikes or equipment. Please read on to find out more.

Maybe it’s a mid-ride cafe stop and you want to make sure your bike doesn’t go walkabout from the outdoor storage rack. Perhaps you want a snooze on the train and want to secure you bag to the chair leg. Maybe you want to quickly attach your kayak to the roof rack while you nip to the services. There are lots of situations where a simple and quick temporary security measure will help protect your precious possessions. If so, Hiplok Z Lok Security Ties are well worth considering.

Z Lok’s look very much like a chunky cable tie and that is essentially what they are. The differences are what sets them apart though. Firstly, you can lock them. Secondly, they have steel reinforcement running through them. They would be hard to undo quickly without significant force or tools. Hiplocks are available with a combination or key locking system and the key lock version only weighs 20 grams. The combo lock version weighs 70 grams.

We carry one in our mountain biking packs and they certainly offer reassurance when we need to leave the bikes secured to a bike rack outside a cafe. Bear in mind though, they are only going to prevent a quick grab and go and won’t stand up to someone armed with cable cutters or the time to force them apart. We really like them though, and they are definitely worthy of a place in our Top Gear recommendations.

Full details on Hiplok Z Lok Security Ties are available on their website here. The key lock version costs £10 each or £14.99 for a twin pack. We haven’t got personal experience of the combination lock version but they also seem a great idea. These cost £19.99 each.

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