Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021

Thanks so very much for being a part of our 2020 and we wanted to share our wishes for a Happy New Year 2021.  Everyone has battled demons, faced fears and maybe even suffered loss during this strangest of years. But, through it all we hope you look forward to a coming year filled with optimism and enthusiasm. 

We unite with you in our shared passion for adventure and the human spirit allowing us all to find hope in adversity.  From shouting loud about global issues to unearthing unique backyard adventures, we see so much to be positive about. Never has the phrase ‘the antidote to despair is action’ rung louder and clearer. 

We have skewed our social media feeds towards the guiding lights that stayed optimistic and lit the path ahead.  We thank you all for keeping us smiling.  We’ve clapped for the amazing people working so hard to keep the nation well. Of course, the efforts of every public servant humbles us just as much.  We’ve seen the brands we work with stepping up to offer support in every way they can. We also applaud every business owner, large or small, who has fought tirelessly to steer their ships through the tempest.  Keep fighting.    

Our year changed in March while one of our expedition teams were in the Atlas Mountains (Paul wrote about that here). We all had to bolt for home as the pandemic tightened its grip on the world.  Since then our passports have remained tucked in a drawer. Our horizons have predominantly been the boundaries of the national park we are proud to call home.  We’ve still been able to share plenty of adventures with customers old and new. We’ve also found more time to spend on the details of life that often pass us by.

We look forward to sharing many great adventures with you all in the coming year. We are also focussed both on offering exciting new products and sustainability.  Lockdown gave us the chance to forge new relationships and see new ways we can use our business as a power for good.  We have so much to share in the coming months.

So,  here’s to you all, here’s to your families and here’s to what lies ahead.  Family and community matter more than ever. We hope you will all stay part of our community in the coming year.  Let’s go the mountains!

With our very best wishes for a Happy New Year 2021.

Paul and Cal Lewis