Freedom Climbers


Our latest Top Read choice is Freedom Climbers by Bernadette McDonald.  Please do read on to find out more about this superb book.

A New Generation

In the period following the second world a new breed of Polish climbers emerged.  It was the decades leading from the early 70’s into the early 1990’s when a generation of intrepid and talented mountaineers left an indelible mark.  Having cut their teeth in the local mountains they took their skills to the world’s highest peaks.  Audacious lines climbed by small teams in Alpine Style and all seasons.  They were unstoppable and many of their climbs remain unrepeated.    

Multi-Award Winning 

Bernadette McDonald’s multi award winning book Freedom Climbers tells their fascinating and inspiring story.  We have enjoyed every one of Bernadette’s books although this one in undoubtedly our favourite.  It helps that the Polish mountaineers offered such a colourful story, but it still relies on Bernadette to weave their adventures into an engrossing and inspiring read.  

The book does an excellent job of exploring the social and political context in which these ascents were achieved.  The political situation and limited finances forced the Freedom Climbers to develop ingenious ways to fund their trips.  They were challenged even before they began to climb their mountains.

Unique Characters

Another engrossing aspect of the book is the unique character of the Freedom Climbers.  To achieve at this level takes a certain type of person.  Some had challenging personal lives and others had families.  The story explores the most intense team work and the arguments and conflicts.  Bernadette doesn’t shy away from the darker side of the story, but also shares the highs.

Human Tragedy       

Inevitably, these adventures also came with losses.  Bernadette sensitively details the human tragedy that accompanied their audacious successes.  It is a book you will struggle to put down and it becomes another of our Top Read choices. Freedom Climbers is available direct from Vertebrate Publishing here.

If you enjoy this book, we also strongly recommend Winter 8000: Climbing The World’s Highest Mountains In The Coldest Season.  This is another superb Bernadette McDonald offering and we made it another of our Top Read choices here.