Top Gear – Fidlock Drink Bottle Holder

Fidlock Drink Bottle Holder

Like many mountain bikers, we sometimes use bike mounted water bottles, sometimes a hydration bladder and sometimes both.  The bike mounted option is our preference on shorter rides because we generally try and minimise the amount we have to carry on our backs. This means a bike mounted water bottle.  The standard water bottle cage has been around for eons and clearly does the job, but it’s also nice when something new comes along – and that’s what the 31st Peak Mountaineering Top Gear choice is all about.  

For the best part of the last year we’ve been using the Fidlock bottle mount system and really rate it.  It is simple to attach and detach your drink bottle, the bottle is held extremely firmly in the holder (we’ve never had any problem with it becoming detached) and, when you don’t have a bottle attached, the holder looks really slick and streamlined on your precious bike.  The Fidlock bottles also come in a couple of sizes (450 and 600ml) – so you can tailor your drink capacity to the length of your ride or the space available on your bike frame. Happy riding 🙂

Posted by Paul