Duer Denim Pants Review


Our Duer Denim Pants Review details some revolutionary jeans featuring high performance fabrics and features designed for active sports.  We hope you find it useful.   


Duer denim is designed to be different.  The brand wanted to create products that would serve users for a broader range of activities.  As they say, they wanted to create clothing for ‘anything you want to do in a day – hiking, the office, or out to dinner.’

This is a growing trend.  In discussions prior to this review we caught up with Lorna Preston who is the marketing manager for Trekitt (Trekitt supplied the pants for this review).  Lorna said that from Trekitt’s experience the ‘athleisure’ trend is showing no signs of slowing down and there has been a significant uptake in demand for what she refers to as ‘do-it-all jeans’.

This is interesting as for years we’ve been told denim isn’t suitable for most outdoor activities.  This is sage advice. Cotton fabrics don’t perform well when wet.  However, Duer denim is designed to be different and we’ll soon consider why.

They also wanted to focus on sustainable manufacture.  By creating durable and long lasting products a users environmental footprint can be lowered.  However, in this quest they also looked to fabric composition.

The brand committed to using as many natural fibres as possible while minimising plastic use.  Their long term aim is to totally eliminate plastic use.  The majority of Duer fibres come from eucalyptus trees, wood chips, and plants.  When synthetic fibres are used for durability, Duer use small amounts of up cycled polyester sourced from used plastic bottles. 

So, after extensive research Duer created the durable, stretchy and breathable denim used in the pants we tested.  Please read my Duer Denim Pants Review to find out more.




The feature that first needs some explanation for our Duer Denim Pants Review is the material. The pants look like standard denim but, by combining different fabrics, Duer have created what they call L2X technology.  This is a combination of 70% cotton, 28% Coolmax Polyester and 2% Spandex.


The fit is purposefully designed to be slim.  Having the fabric close to the skin allows for more effective moisture wicking during high output activity.  It also avoids falls fabric getting in the way for active sports.  Having said that, the fit I tested are only one of the options available.

Other Features    

Other features are similar to a standard pair of jeans.  There are 5 generously sized pockets.  The pants feature a metal toothed fly zipper and button closure.  Belt loops allow for the use of any type of belt.


Duer have used triple stitched inseams and double layered back pockets for strength and durability.  There is also an interesting seat gusset designed to offer a full range of movement while protecting the seams.


In Use

First Impressions

On initial inspection the Duer pants look like a pair of very high quality jeans. The fabric has a lovely soft denim feel, but it is still very much denim.


Duer describe the fit as slim and this is certainly the case.  They are purposefully made to be figure hugging to aid with moisture transfer.   With that in mind, I found the fit to be very much true to size.  I was sent a size 30” waist and that fits similarly to my other size 30” jeans.    


They are a stylish and comfortable pair of jeans and well suited to everyday use.  They would be practical for work wear and yet wouldn’t look out of place for a night out.  I have used mine for a fair few nights out and general about town wear.  However, their advanced features also make them well suited to active use.


Due to the inbuilt stretch the pants are extremely comfortable.  Compared to standard jeans, you will immediately notice the freedom of movement they offer.  Duer say they have 30% more stretch than standard denim.  The upshot of this is that you can lift your leg in any direction with ease.  Infact, any movement is effortless.

Seat Gusset 

This free movement is also helped by the cut and the Duer seat gusset.  This diamond shaped section sits between the legs and is specifically designed to offer a greater range of movement.  It certainly seems to help.  

Duer also say it helps with durability because it ensures the seams sit away from wear areas.  An added bonus for climbing is it also makes the pants very comfortable when wearing a harness.


The fabric is designed to be very durable.  Denim has been a staple for workwear for generations due to its toughness and Duer had the challenge of recreating this in their performance denim.  

So far several climbing sessions on gritstone (the perfect rock for testing durability!) and general use haven’t troubled the pants at all.  I have also used them for lots of everyday activities and they seem to shrug off anything thrown at them with ease.  This again makes these pants ideal for activities where wear is an issue. The seams are triple stitched and again this helps with durability.  With their contrasting stitch colour they also look good.

This makes the Duer’s ideally suited to the rough and tumble of climbing and I have certainly tested their capabilities in this arena.  They are simply awesome. Duer say the pants will be ‘with you for years’ and I have no reason to doubt the claim.

Weather Resistance

The recent hot and dry weather has limited the opportunities to test the weather resistance of the fabric, but I’ve headed out for walks in the showers we’ve had.  The jeans have a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating and shrug off a reasonable amount of moisture.  Inevitably, though, they do eventually wet out.

They do stay comfortable when wet and the stretch means they don’t chafe anywhere near as much as normal jeans.  However, I would still urge caution for using these in prolonged bad weather.  I should also say that all my testing so far has been in warm summer conditions.  Please consider safe choices for cold wet weather.  

Temperature Regulation

The L2X technology is also designed to aid temperature regulation.  To test that I used the jeans for climbing sessions during the exceptionally hot period in early July.  Its has been easy to find hot test conditions lately.

I can’t say they didn’t get hot during some of the more aerobic climbs. but they certainly performed as well as other climbing trousers would have done. 

My legs also cooled down quite quickly once the activity level dropped.  I would certainly say they were efficient in terms of regulating temperature.  A few minutes after finishing the activity the Duers were dry and comfortable. Infact, ready for another climb!  


Similarly to many models of jeans, the Duers have 5 pockets.  There are two front hand pockets and another small pocket sits inside the right hand front pocket.  Finally, two large double layered back pockets complete the set.  

All the pockets work exactly as hoped and are well placed and constructed.  The front hand pockets will hold wallets or similar sized items.  The small pocket is ideal for keys and the rear pockets are well sized for larger items like a smartphone.  

The stretchy fabric ensures they can accommodate items comfortably but, crucially, they lay completely flat when not in use.  This means they are unobtrusive when wearing a climbing harness or jacket. Duer have also double layered the rear pockets for, as they say ‘strength and longevity’.



Fit, function, sustainability and style – my Duer Denim Pants Review reveals a great pair of multi-function denims designed for regular and varied use.  The concept of having less items that can do more is great and Duer have done a top notch job of realising their aim.  

I would still urge caution in choosing cotton fabrics for certain situations, but these pants certainly broaden the possibilities significantly.  I look forward to using them for many upcoming adventures.  Well done to Duer on producing a really great product.  

These pants were supplied by Trekitt and they have a wide range of Duer styles and sizes available at different price points.  Please do check out the model I tested on the Trekitt website here.  The website also offers details on the full Duer range they offer.  You can also find more details about Duer on their company website here.  The pants tested retail for £110.

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