Drying Gloves


Our latest Top Tip is a simple and efficient option for drying gloves. We hope you find it useful as the wet and wintry weather starts to bite. Please do read on to find out more.

Whether you are winter walking, riding in wet conditions, ice climbing, skiing or simply walking that new labrador puppy in the pouring rain.  The activity doesn’t really matter as the same problem still arises.  As we enter the season of wetter and colder weather, it helps to have tricks up your sleeve to dry out your clothes.  In particular, after a wet day or winter adventure,  you will undoubtedly come home with wet gloves.   

That’s okay if they are just wet on the outside, but usually they will be wet (or at least damp) inside too.  This is a pain because it can be really tricky to dry the inside.  All those nooks and crannies and creases and fabric layers will resist all your efforts.  So, what’s the solution?

Easy, our latest drying gloves top tip offers an easy and effective solution.  All you need to do is use a couple of empty bottles (the type that craft beers or bottled lager comes in are perfect).  Place the bottles on a suitable heat source and pop your gloves over the bottles.  The glass allows the heat to transfer inside the gloves and dries them quickly and efficiently.  The gloves are also held open to allow warm air to funnel into the hard to dry fingers.  It really does work superbly.  

Of course, do make sure the heat source is chosen carefully.  It needs to be safe against fire risk as well as safe enough to prevent damage to your gloves.  Other than that, this tip also gives you an excuse to drink some nice beer!  Do give it a try during the upcoming rainy season.

It is also worth a mention that there are lots of commercial dryers available that also worth extremely well.  Our favourite travel option is the Thermic model detailed here.  As you prep for the winter weather you might also find our Hooded Jacket Rucksack Storage top tip useful.  Please do check it out here.