COVID-19 Guarantee


On this page we explain our COVID-19 guarantee and detail the steps we are taking to ensure our courses are as safe as possible. We hope it provides the reassurance you need to book a course with us.

What a time in our lives!  A tiny virus has completely changed the way we all live and it looks set to cause us problems for some time to come.  But, given what we are all living through, outdoor adventures have been never been more important to both our physical well being and mental health. Similarly, many people are still working in contexts where a first aid qualification is essential.

That all means we are still desperately keep to offer adventures and training for you.  Your aim might be to become that independent navigator or climber.  You may want an expert to guide you on that dream route or fancy sharing some family or group adventures. You may need to complete a first aid course for your profession.  Whatever the objective or reason, we are with you all the way.

Planning ahead

Of course, one of the things everyone has found the most difficult is that it is so hard to look ahead. With guidance changes, lockdowns and the chance you’ll be notified to self isolate, how is it possible to book anything?  Again, we are with you all the way.

We have developed a completely watertight COVID-19 guarantee for all bookings made during this challenging time.  You can arrange something to look forward to and yet still be confident your money is safe if anything COVID related stops you attending.

Hopefully everything you might want to ask is included in our COVID-19 FAQ’s below. We have obviously also taken account of all national guidance to ensure our course delivery is as safe as possible. 

As always, if you can’t find the information you need below we are always ready to help.  Just Contact Us and we’ll be delighted to have a completely no obligation chat.  

What is your the COVID-19 guarantee?

This is really simple and really transparent. If you are unable to proceed with your booking we will offer you a refund or change of course date as preferred. This is whether due to government restrictions related to Covid-19 or a change in your personal circumstances. This could include travel bans, regional or national lockdowns or enforced self-isolation or illness. We are applying our COVID-19 guarantee to all future bookings until the COVID-19 crisis is resolved.

The same guarantee applies if we have to cancel your course due to COVID-19 national or local lockdown restrictions.

How are you making your activities as safe as possible?

The safety of our clients is paramount.  We are also acutely aware of the need to protect local communities and to ensure our activities are not undermining the national effort to defeat the COVID-19 virus.   

All of our activities adhere to the government COVID Secure criteria regarding health, social distancing and hygiene. 

We are accredited through the Visit Britain ‘We’re Good To Go’ industry standard.  This requires businesses to complete appropriate risk assessments and to undertake a self assessment process.  

Our updated systems ensure good hygiene practices are in place during courses. Equipment is managed between courses to eliminate virus transmission risk.  For our Tor Lea Training first aid courses we have changed many aspects of our delivery. With everything we have put in place, we feel confident we can still supply the top quality training experience we are known for while makes things as safe as possible.

Participants are required to complete a COVID-19 Medical Declaration before attending a course.

What itineraries are running at the moment?

Inevitably, this is changing all the time. We are adding an update to our blog whenever the guidance changes and so that’s the best place to look. Alternatively, contact us and we will be able to advise.

You are either looking to book or already have a booking with us.  Is your money safe?

Definitely.  Your money is in safe hands.  We are a long standing business with financial reserves to cover contingencies.  In addition, all monies paid to us prior to course commencement are kept in a holding account which ensures refunds can always be honoured.

The balance for my course is due, but there’s the possibility of another national or local lockdown. Do I still need to pay the balance?

We are all about the personal touch and would simply ask, if this situation arises, you contact us to discuss the best way forward.  We may advise you to hold off with the payment until we know how the land lies.  The arrangements will then be noted on your booking details and we’ll keep in touch as things develop.  We are a small provider who pride ourselves on the good communication.  We get to know our clients and can deal with your booking on an individual basis.