Introductory Mountain Biking Course Details

Who is the course suitable for?
Our 2 day Intermediate Mountain Bike Skills course suits those who have done some cycling  completely new to off road cycling through to those who have done some cycling on simple trails and are now keen to find out what it is like to get further off the beaten track on more technical terrain..  The course is suitable for adults of all ages and we are happy to have participants as young as 16 although under 18’s need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  If you want us to arrange a similar event for groups under 16 please get in touch.
What is the format of the day?
We will meet at 9.30am in the Derwent Valley which is right in the heart of the Peak District National Park (full joining instructions will be sent with your booking confirmation).  We are very keen to help protect this precious natural environment (details of our Environment Policy are here) so if you don’t have a car we can collect you at the local train station and if you are travelling by bus we can also pick you up and drive you to the venue. 
After kitting everyone up with safety equipment we’ll head on to the trails to start learning some key skills.  During the day you’ll learn a ‘toolbox’ of essential mountain biking skills as well as enjoying a classic off road ride on some of the best trails in the park.  Skills are always introduced progressively and you’ll have time to consolidate them at your own pace so don’t worry that you’ll be thrown in at the deep end!  
The selection of techniques covered will include:
Safety and trail etiquette
Basic bike maintenance and set up
How to deal with simple mechanical problems on rides and issues to consider when choosing equipment
Introductory climbing and safe descending skills
Effective braking techniques
Using the ‘Cone of Movement’ for more effective riding
Techniques for cornering safely
Tackling trail obstacles such as tree roots and simple drop-offs
Finding information on suitable rides to continue your development
We stay out for the full day so be sure to bring enough food and drink.  The best foods for mountain biking are a mixture of quick energy sources and some slow release foods.  Examples are foods like flapjack, honey sandwiches or good old malt loaf!  Please also bring plenty to drink (at least 2 litres) as it is easy to get dehydrated when cycling.  
The day will end at about 4.00pm.
Who will be looking after me?
Peak Mountaineering prides itself on the quality of its instructors and our excellent reputation.  The instructor that leads your day will be fully qualified, fully insured and an active mountain biker.  They will also be one of our close knit instructor team and personally known to us.  We only use instructors who know the area well so they can ensure you get the most from your day.  
Having said all that, we know that the views of past clients are probably your best guide to the quality of our provision.  Please take the time to read the independent reviews clients have left before you book.  
Where can I stay?
The Peak District has a wealth of accommodation options to suit all budgets.  The course is centred around the village of Hathersage but the nearby villages of Bamford, Hope, Castleton or Grindleford are all ideally situated for the course.  There are plenty of ideas available on our accommodation guide here.
What do I need to bring?
Please refer to our detailed kit list here.
It is normal to get muddy when biking so please bring a complete change of clothing for the end of the day 
Please also bring a waterproof jacket as the weather can change significantly over the course of a day.
Do I need to have my own bike?  
If you have a suitable mountain bike you are very welcome to bring it along.  It needs to be in good working condition and suitable for true off road riding (some bikes are not suitable for off road riding on all terrain types).  If you are in any doubt please get in touch to get our advice before the course.  Please also bring any spares that are specific to your bike – your instructor will have a general tool kit but can’t carry a wide range of spare items.  It is also essential that you have gloves and a helmet.
If you don’t have a suitable bike we can happily arrange bike hire for you.  We have links to an excellent hire shop which supplies good quality bikes (and helmets) for £25 per day.  If you’d like us to reserve a bike for you please let us know at the time of booking. 
Other benefits for Peak Mountaineering customers
We have negotiated some great discounts with a selection of great retailers for all course participants.  Full details will be sent with your booking information but you also can have a look at what’s available here.
Finally….. a selection of other frequently asked questions can be found here and if you need any other information don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01433 620283 or click on the enquiry form tab to request places .