Client Feedback


Client feedback is everything to us. We went into business to give our customers the very best mountain experiences available by sharing our outdoor passion with them.  If our clients go home enriched by their time with us then so do we. Please do read our article ‘What Does Success Look Like?‘ to better understand our philosophy.  

Most websites will have testimonials from customers but, in our opinion, this approach is highly flawed. The company can choose which reviews to use and which to leave out.  How can a customer know that they are reading a fair sample of the reviews the company receives? 

For that reason we ask clients to leave a review on Trip Advisor instead.  In that way they can say what they really think and, although we obviously hope the feedback will be positive, we can’t dictate that. We hope you’ll see the value of this approach when deciding whether we are the company to choose for your activities. To read our reviews all you need to do is visit the Trip Advisor here or click on the tab below. Please do take a few minutes to have a look because we certainly do!

Alternatively, if you’ve been on a course recently and you are happy to leave a review we’d really love to hear what you think.  We’d really appreciate it and we always read and respond to every piece of client feedback.

One final request. If you’ve been on a course please also tell others and share your experiences on your social media channels. Any small business like ours thrives on word of mouth and personnel recommendations. It really does make all the difference.

Thanks so much for reading and we really hope we hear from you in due course. Adventures are always best shared with like minded people.