Aquapac 25L Waterproof Backpack Review

Aquapac 25L Waterproof Backpack Review

Stu’s Aquapac 25L Waterproof Backpack Review details a mid-size pack suitable for a wide range of activities. We hope you find it useful.

Aquapac is a British company widely known to any outdoor enthusiast that needs to keep their equipment dry. They have a strong reputation for producing top quality waterproof and splash proof products. Some of their products are suitable for protecting equipment and some is designing for carrying an d storing equipment. My mission was to check out some of their products and see if this reputation was deserved. First up, here is my Aquapac 25 Litre Lightweight Waterproof Backpack review. I also tested their …….. which you can find here.

Aquapac 25L Waterproof Backpack Review


The Aquapac Lightweight Waterproof Backpack comes in either 25l or 35l versions. The version tested was the 25l option. It is part of Aquapac’s Wet and Dry range. This simple yet highly useful pack comes with a wide range of well thought out features. Aquapac clearly understand the environments and wide range of situations where their products will be used.

Firstly, the interior features. The pack is made from a PU coated PVC free fabric. It features fully taped seams and taping over any other stitching. The tape seems securely bonded and certainly showed no signs of coming away during the test period. As well as a cavernous interior there is also a large water-resistant storage pocket inside. This zips into place and is therefore fully detachable if necessary. This is really useful for separating wet and dry items within the backpack. On the outside of the pocket is a clear waterproof pouch with roll-top closure for those items that simply must remain dry. The high-viz colouring makes it easier to see items inside. The removable pouch can also be used to hold a hydration bladder if you so choose.

On the outside there is a removable back support pad. This allows easy drying or for using it as a sit mat when posterior-protection is needed. There are broad mesh shoulder straps and a clip waist belt. The one thing I did find inconvenient was the waist-strap. Though a simple strap, designed more for security than load-bearing, I found that the way it clipped to the pack at both ends, rather than in the middle, made fastening and unfastening an awkward fiddle round the sides to find and insert the buckle by touch and feel rather than being able to see. This was annoying, but made no overall difference to the high levels of comfort felt when carrying the pack.

On either side of the pack are two large mesh pockets, which being mesh allow water to drainthrough. They are large and useful, being able to take a 2-liter waterbottle in each, stuff a jacket intowhen you don’t want to open the main pack, or hold walking-poles or any amount of kit that youmay need convenient access to. On the front of the pack is a carabiner lash, a utility clip that can beused to clip a light to, or anything else you may need in a hurry. The roll-top closure is of the same tried-and tested design as a traditional drybag. Aquapac recommend three rolls before securing in order to gain maximum performance.

In Use

Aquapac 25L Waterproof Backpack Review

I found the Aquapac 25l Waterproof Backpack to be extremely comfortable and secure, even when moving over rough or awkward terrain. I put this down to the broad breathable mesh shoulder straps and the efficient adjustable sternum-strap.

The elastic around the tops of the side mesh pockets kept kit secure inside. It was easily large enough to carry all the kit required for a long day out. As there was no convenient heavy rain to test how waterproof the pack was, I loaded it with kit and threw it into a river. The trapped air inside kept the pack buoyant so a large rock was added to make it sink. It didn’t actually sink, but floated deeper in the water for around three minutes. When I hauled it in and opened it up the kit inside was totally dry.


My Aquapac 25l Waterproof Backpack review details a pack suitable for a wide range of activities and all conditions. It is comfortable enough for a hillwalking day and yet clearly excels for water sports. The facility to separate wet and dry items inside the pack is really useful and the other features are extremely well thought out.

For a comfortable backpack that keeps your kit totally dry I’d seriously consider this backpack as an option. The Aquapac 25l Waterproof Backpack retails for £75.00 and comes with a 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects. The pack is available directly from the Aquapac website and you’ll also find more product details there too. The video below also gives a useful overview.