Nikwax 40 Stories Competition

1st Dec 2017

Primus Essentials Stove Set-2

We've reported before about Nikwax being in their 40th year (please check out our info piece here).  That's a pretty amazing history for a company founded by a man with a plan to create a boot waterproofing and leather care product better than anything that was out at the time.  Nikwax now boast a broad product range, worldwide popularity and a prove passion for environmental stewardship.


Nikwax are Peak Mountaineering’s proofing manufacturer of choice both because they produce great products and because we value their desire to minimise their environmental impact.  Infact, that desire to protect the environment has led to Nikwax now being able to make the proud announcement that they are finishing 2017 having already encouraged the growth of enough vegetation to completely balance all their operational carbon emissions since their business started.  Even better, they have also recently announced, through their partnership with the (EOCA) and World Land Trust, to protect even more tropical forest.


This is Nikwax’s proud story (so far) and now they are really keen to hear yours.  The people that use Nikwax are outdoor and active folk with great stories and they want to hear from you.  They are asking all outdoor activists to share their outdoor stories via Facebook using the hashtag #Nikwax40Stories.  The story can be about any outdoor adventures you have experienced so it's a pretty broad canvas.  Get scribing!  


Nikwax will then pick their favourite four submitted in December to win a peachy Primus stove set.  It is really that simple.  We can also vouch for these handy stove sets as we tested one for our Peak Mountaineering Summer Essentials list a few months ago.  What a handy Christmas bonus.


Posted by Cal