Christmas Gift Vouchers

4th Dec 2016

Gift Vouchers

You creep downstairs early on Christmas morning wondering if Santa will have rewarded your impeccable behaviour over the last year. You first notice that carrot you left has been nibbled, the mince pie is gone and the sherry glass is empty. Then, in the semi darkness and lit only by the embers of last nights crackling fire, you excitedly spot a large stocking packed with presents tucked under the Christmas tree.  You call down your loved ones and dive into the present pile. There's some of those socks you wanted, a lovely new hardshell jacket, a guidebook and a bunch of other peachy outdoor gear.  You must have been really well behaved!

Just when you think you are done and start folding up your stocking, you notice something hard in the bag's bottom corner.  You dip in and pull out an envelope.  On the outside your significant other has scribbled 'The Gift of Adventure'.  You glance across at their smiling face and open the envelope.  There's a card with a climber dangling below an overhang (it's actually based on a photo of Paul climbing the mega classic Kachoong at Arapiles....but you don't know that!) and inside there is a Peak Mountaineering Gift Voucher saying you can join that course you really wanted to do. What a Christmas.....

Surely there is no better gift than giving someone an experience or the opportunity to learn skills.  We can help.  Peak Mountaineering's ever popular Gift Vouchers make the perfect present and are available for any amount to cover either the full of part cost of any course or private guiding.  You can select a specific course date or leave that to be decided further down the line.  

Order one in the next week or so and we'll have no problem getting it to you for the big day and, if the worst comes to the worst and you miss the final posting date, we can email you a voucher all the way up to Christmas Eve.  You can order vouchers for set amounts directly through the voucher page of our website here or just drop us a line and we'll get you sorted.

The only remaining question is.....has your loved one been well behaved enough?!

Posted by Cal