A brand new Friendly Friday Giveaway......

22nd Nov 2014

As Christmas approaches we wanted to offer some of our Fairly Famous Friendly Friday Giveaways that will be suitable as presents for the active people in your life (although, of course, they are just as suitable as a present for yourself!).  So, over the next few weeks we'll be featuring a variety of great freebies and first up is a brilliant option for all the climbers out there........
A few months ago we were sent some amazing belay glasses by the kind folks at Y&Y.  Although we had little prior experience of these genius inventions it only took us one wall session to be absolutely hooked.  Suddenly belayers neck can be a thing from your past.  The Y&Y's are brilliant and our review can be found on the blog here.  Infact the only possible drawback (despite them comparing very favourably on price to others on the market) is the cost of £50......but of course that isn't a problem if you are getting them for free!
The Y&Y's are a high quality product that comes supplied with a neck retainer cord, cleaning cloth, storage case and even an adjustment screwdriver.  We guarantee all climbers will love them so please don't miss the boat on this great giveaway.
To be included in the draw all you need to do is a couple of quick things.  Just complete the Peak   Mountaineering Triple (which is simply to like us on Facebook here, follow us on Twitter here and sign up for our newsletter updates here).  Then the only thing we need is the answer to the question below via our Contact Form here.  Simple.
Q. What make are the belay glasses we are giving away?
We are having a quick turn around on these Christmas giveaways so we can get the prizes delivered before Christmas....... so please don't delay in entering.  The winner of this one will be announced on Friday 5th December. Good luck.
Posted by Cal