Solo Stove Friendly Friday Giveaway

5th Oct 2014

Our friends at Base Camp Food sent us something very interesting to test the other day......
Imagine the scene.  After a day on the trails you stroll towards your evening campsite collecting small twigs along the way and, by the time you arrive, you have a handful ready for action.  After the tent is pitched you settle down by the side of the meandering stream for a hot drink.  From your rucksack you pull out your lighter, a small tinder pile you keep in an airtight tin and your Solo Stove.  Light a little pile of the tinder and add some of the twigs and in no time you have an efficient little fire.  Scoop some water from the stream in your pan and pop it on top, trickle feed in extra twigs as needed and soon the unique twin wall structure of the stove has your water bubbling away.  No fuel to carry, no fuel cost and an environmentally friendly way to cook.  The Solo Stove is the perfect option for backcountry adventures and, to add even greater flexibility, there's a meths burner unit available incase you can't find wood to burn.  Simple, efficient, good value and maintenance free.  Maybe it is time to take your camp cooking back to basics?
The Solo Stove packs small (in it's supplied carrying bag), allows storage of the optional burner unit, lighter and a small tin of tinder (or some other form of fire lighter) inside the burner, works with almost any pan (by coincidence we discovered the MSR Titan pan fits over the stove like a glove) and delivers great heat output.  
Infact it's a product so cool (even though it gets very hot!) that we gave it to our sponsored team to make this little video to show how it works.  Check it out on our Facebook site here.  They had hot chocolate drinks in their hands in no time.......
We love it.  We know you will.......and now you can own one for FREE!  Peak Mountaineering's very latest Friendly Friday Giveaway is one of these great little gems which will be delivered straight to one lucky recipients door by the generous folk at Base Camp Food.  Let's get our cooking back to basics (although there's plenty of high techness in this beauty which is explained on the Solo Stove website here).  Just send us the answer the following question via our Contact Form here and it could be yours.......
Q: Can the Solo Stove use wood as a fuel?
Oh......and please share details of this giveaway with EVERYONE you know - after all everyone deserves some cooking simplicity in their lives :)
The winner will be announced on November 14th. Good luck.
Posted by Cal