Another Fairly Famous Friendly Friday Giveaway....

12th Jul 2013

A few weeks ago one of our discount partners, Sawyer Europe, very kindly provided one of their brilliant Squeeze Water Filter Systems for our regular Friendly Friday Giveaway (which we have decided now deserves to be known as the Fairly Famous Friendly Friday Giveaway instead!).  

We've been testing these filters for the last few months and they are, without question, the very best filters we've ever used.  Infact, they are so light and simple to operate they have really changed the way we carry liquid in the mountains.  With a Sawyer system it is far lighter to carry a smaller amount of water and the filter than all the liquid you'll need for the day (one litre of water weighs 1 kilogram and the filter weighs only 93 grams so there is the potential to save a lot of weight).  The size of the filter isn't a problem to carry either as they only measure about 17 by 5cms.    With the filter in your pack you can just top up your supply from streams and rivers as you go.  We are writing a detailed review of the filter but, in the meantime, there is more information about the system on our blog here

Helen won the first filter but so many people entered we thought we'd be cheeky and ask Sawyer if we could have another and amazingly.....they said YES!  This is a very simple giveaway with no strings attached.  All you need to do is complete the famous Peak Mountaineering Triple (Like us on Facebook here, follow us on Twitter here and sign up for our newsletter here).  

But, for this FFG we also need the answer to a very simple question as well......

Question - Which water charity does Sawyer Europe support?

(you'll find the answer on our blog post here!)

Please email your answer to us at and, providing you are also a triple completer, we'll add you to the draw (which will take place on Friday 19th July).  

Good Luck.

Posted by Cal